What’s That Color? – Ep. 1 – Acrylic and Oil Painting Tips, Tricks and Techniques with Tim Gagnon

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26 Responses to What’s That Color? – Ep. 1 – Acrylic and Oil Painting Tips, Tricks and Techniques with Tim Gagnon

  1. Deborah pruitt says:


  2. Adrian Angel says:

    Artists are supposed to have beautiful handwriting. That’s because they have better control of their hand muscles.

  3. Yen Nguyen says:

    the brilliant blue is so pretty ;______: i need that color in my life ;_____:

  4. Ati - Mexicana en Berlin says:

    Einfach genial.

  5. Rose Herczeg says:

    Hi Tim, thank you for this great video. Just a suggestion… if you punch a hole in the middle of the cards before you paint them, then when you hold it up to the sky/whatever you’re color matching, you can instantly see the color difference. 🙂 Squinting helps too! I like the idea of a series, and will be watching as they come out!

  6. painting55 says:

    Thanks so much Tim.

  7. BandL Robertson says:

    Great idea Tim! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Kathy Crocker says:

    Excellent Tim for going out plein air. thanks.

  9. Nanc H says:

    well done, very helpful

  10. grandma1949dec says:

    Thanks Tim! This series sounds like it can be very useful for me!

  11. TeaTime says:

    I think this would be helpful too for when you need to match an already dried color on your canvas. I hate it when I run out of paint and then have to try and figure out how I made a certain color. This way you see how it looks dried first.

  12. Lucie Beauchesne says:

    Hi Tim, this video really is good because I want to do the painting and charters exétieur you showed us to be really useful for my paintings … thank you for this video and I look forward to other than you going to do on other colors …

  13. Pam Barber says:

    This is so helpful, thank-you!

  14. Debbie Darby says:

    You are adorable and I always enjoy your videos as well as your classes. Thank you for sharing your gift. You are inspirational as well as helpful :-}

  15. Sarah Bloom Kinser says:

    Great tutorial! will try this soon! 🙂

  16. Kuimeaux says:

    This is gonna be fun!

  17. Shedz Channel says:

    some of those paints looked very runny to me.
    were they artist quality or school paints?
    just curious….have you used ‘atelier interactive’ paints tim?

  18. Betty Devlin Newhouse says:

    Just what I need, thank you Tim, great lesson

  19. Julie Cowe says:

    I’ve been trying to make some neon pink, red, and purple and just cannot figure out what we do to get those super-vibrant versions of those colours. I’ve been struggling with greying out tones so this was quite helpful. Thank you, tim!

  20. Marianne Keller says:

    Excellent series! Looking forward to more!! Thank you.

  21. Rose Marie Gallant says:

    very helpful and informative, Thank you

  22. Patricia Demare says:


  23. Emily Belarmino says:

    when he said ‘I’ve got a pen’ and automatically I was thinking ‘I’ve got an apple’ hahahha

  24. Nancy Ertan says:


  25. Arabella Starlight says:

    Thank you very much, this is really helpful 🙂

  26. Tamra Alexander-Cook says:

    Thank yo so much for all your great videos! Your DVD’s and online lessons are fantastic and your youtube channel really tops it off! Thank you Tim

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