Watercolor Tips to Improve Paintings – 5 Beginner Mistakes

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36 Responses to Watercolor Tips to Improve Paintings – 5 Beginner Mistakes

  1. FeathersofDxhlia says:

    This is a great video thanks! I’d like to ask a question though, I always
    use watercolor paper and tape it down too but it always bends and wrinkles
    like the paper you used in the begining of the video, your watercolor paper
    didnt wrinkle or bend at all! Is there a specific type of watercolor paper
    you use or am i doing something wrong? Thank you x

  2. Laila Campos says:

    I’m just beginning to use color in my drawings and I really like
    watercolor. Thank you so much for this!

  3. fred says:

    Thanks a lot for the video and wow you do beautiful work especially being
    as you’re using watercolors

  4. Andrea Allen says:

    wow, this really helped me! thanks for an amazing video!

  5. Eleanor Lee says:

    Can we use cardboard as a board to tape on?

  6. Luciana Heartfilia says:

    this is sooo very helpful to me, thankyouu so munchiiesss ;D

  7. BANGTAN BOMB says:

    OMG thank you so much for this video!

    I just recently tried venturing watercolor painting and I’m happy I got
    across this video of yours. I’ll definitely keep them in mind. Again, thank
    you so much!

  8. meli melon x10 says:

    Can I sketch with a watercolour pencil?

  9. playerdude2 says:

    0:38 true true but it still looks damn good….

  10. Blammor says:

    I had an exceptional bad day, even though my eyes hurt I wanted hope for
    what I actually want from my life which is being better artist. I’m gonna
    go paint now. Thank you so much. I feel so blessed to find your channel.

  11. pineapple jams says:

    saying ‘using a normal paper is a mistake’ but your work is still beautiful
    anyways…….. still better than my best work on a watercolor paper ;u;

  12. Ware Lisa says:

    You can fix a dry wavy piece of paper by putting a wash of water on the
    back and then put it between a piece of paper (to absorbe the water) and
    then under some heavy books.

  13. Randy Mayfield says:

    seems more like preferences rather than mistakes. Most of the best Artists
    in the world experiment and learn from many things they do. There really
    are NO MISTAKES in Art. Just Preferences.

  14. Concha&CAFE says:

    I used to be heavy handed with my sketches and i would have erase like
    crazy. My instructor suggested we use mechanical pencils instead of regular
    graphite. it made a difference. Thank you for the tips , they’re really
    helpful especially about the tape. i really didnt think of that.

  15. hghayhay7 says:

    This video was so useful! Thank you so much for uploading this! Your art is
    beautiful by the way!

  16. Joey Erickson says:

    Even when you’re purposely making mistakes, it’s still better than anything
    I could do OMG

  17. Hailey Turner says:

    that cat goes fishing background music tho aww yeah <3

  18. Shubham Gupta says:

    Can anyone tell me which paper is best for water color painting?

  19. EmsterG says:

    Random question, but as you seem very good at art, do you have any Identity
    art ideas?

  20. tru leigh says:

    Right handed people should put their paint and water to their right IMHO.

  21. tru leigh says:

    Won’t masking tape stick to the paper? Better to use drafting tape or
    painter’s tape.

  22. Rope Rope says:

    You are amazing! I’m so mad at myself for just finding this video now, lol.
    Been wanting to get into watercolour and I think I have made every single
    mistake you mentioned in this video. Looking forward to watching the rest
    of them. :)

  23. Julie Dehaemers says:

    Hey! I was just wondering if thick paper is also able to use for watercolor
    paintings? :)

  24. Gbrlle says:

    thank you for the tips, adds more knowledge since I study in an art school

  25. lee hexagonalme says:

    Thanks for this video and your voice is so comfortable

  26. Moonlight Fae says:

    It still looks good on regular paper tho!!! I only have drawing paper, and
    I love the crispyness lmao

  27. Moonlight Fae says:

    Even with you doing all the wrong things, your drawings are still better
    than my best ones lmao

  28. minsuh kang says:

    freeze your paper than it will straighten out

  29. DBZ Battles says:

    wow!! O.O i am totally amazed at how good you are at painting!!

  30. Morticia Adams says:

    Thank you! I’m preparing to try watercolor for the first time in years and
    needed a refresher.

  31. Cynthia Ochoa says:

    wow incredible! If I may ask are you looking at a reference photo when you
    paint these faces?

  32. Nami Art says:

    but won’t taping the paper down tear the sides of the paper when you take
    out the tape?

  33. Lunachxx says:

    Probably a stupid question, but do you know where I can get a board to tape
    the paper down? I know someone who uses the back of a sketchbook that was
    torn off, so should I do that?

  34. Galaxycoco Lacey says:

    Added to my favorites. Thanks.

  35. Hugh Mungus says:

    Great tips!

  36. G Man says:

    GOOD watercolor paper is expensive! I would advise against student
    grade–There is nothing like creating a great composition, only to have the
    paper tear when you are taking the masking tape off…..

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