Watercolor Quick Tips and Tricks!

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  1. Jo The Band Geek says:

    this was super helpful, thanks!

  2. renovatiomom says:

    Beautiful work.

  3. Carol Factor says:

    When I tried wet on wet, my colors don’t spread out pretty like yours do. What kind of paper and paints are you using? Thanks for your help!

  4. Carol Factor says:

    Also, my paper curls up in waves when I use water on it. What causes this? Thanks again.

  5. SmilyLily1996 says:

    Just a little tip on the masking fluid:
    You can use liquid latex used for halloween masks and fake wounds for it, it’s basically the same thing.
    Just be careful, not every kind is equal in quality. I have a huge bottle of tinted liquid latex by kryolan(professional quality, 250ml) that I got for around 12€ but barely use for any makeup uses because the colour is too intense. I tried it on paper with watercolour and it worked great, while the masking fluid I found in art stores is much more expensive.
    I also tried a cheap halloween store kind, which worked technically but became extremely sticky to the point where my hand was stuck to the paper and was much harder to lift.
    If you want to try it, get a small bottle and try it on some scrap paper.

  6. KayJayPea says:

    Does masking fluid contain latex?

  7. Amber Schnarr says:

    So amazing!

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