Using Glaze To Highlight Cabinets. Tips refinishing or painting kitchen cabinets.

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13 Responses to Using Glaze To Highlight Cabinets. Tips refinishing or painting kitchen cabinets.

  1. Ohio Digger says:

    That looks really nice. My cabinets are pretty old and I plan on selling my
    house soon but don’t want to get into the expense of replacing them. I’ll
    never see the return on my investment. My cabinets are the type that show
    the stiles and rails like the ones in the video. But they are painted. I’m
    going to repaint them a “cream in my coffee” color and then was thinking
    about glazing like that. But I never had seen glaze don’t on cabinets that
    you were able to see the stiles and rails.

  2. 2basyq says:

    How did yo apply the lacquer?

  3. doe4rae says:

    Great video… very helpful. I am trying to decide how to finish a door I
    built (oak). It is an exterior door and I would like it to have a dark
    gray finish but really want to see the wood grain coming through… what do
    you think of this order of finishes: water based dye in gray, ebony glaze-
    wipe off, seal with UV protective oil based poly.

  4. Daniel C says:

    You should really remove the doors. I noticed there’s a “run” of paint on
    the inside at 8:10. Other than that it looks good.

  5. Gary Cloutier says:

    Hay Chris,
    I think your videos are awesome, I have decided to refinish my own cabinets
    and want to use the Van Dyke Brown between the Lacquer coats. The SW store
    here in SC only has gallons of glaze, do you have an outlet for buying
    Quart’s? I can’t seem to find any oil base glaze on the internet. I have
    watched all your videos on spraying Lacquer and think I am ready to try it.
    I love reading the comments, especially the critics. If I thought I was
    good enough to cast the first stone I probably would not need to watch in
    the first place. I guess people are just funny like that. I’ll be picking
    up a couple of items at your store.
    Thank again and keep it coming.

  6. Alice Lane says:

    That glaze will hold up…all by itself…as a finish on bath cabinets.?

  7. Bryan Snodgrass says:

    Any thoughts on the minwax polyshade?

  8. Lourise Hodges says:

    I hired a painter to restain my bathroom cabinets and it did not go well.
    They are currently just lacquered with no stain and I wanted a darker
    color. The guy sanded my doors and tried to apply the new stain color but
    it did not take or penetrate at all. Then he tried acetone and paint
    remover to remove laquor to allow stain to penetrate and nothing worked.
    .QUESTIONHow can I take my existing cabinets and make them darker?Can I
    just paint the glaze on and leave it to get the darkness or do I have to
    wipe it off. Please Help.

  9. Jennifer Riccio says:

    I want to glaze a door that has been stained and has a poly finish but has
    scratches on it thanks to my lovely dog. Should I sand it first so the
    scratches will not show?

  10. Nina Smith says:

    Great Video on how to…I like glaze my cabinets to come out looking like a
    distressed honey color. What colors would you recommend?

  11. Dewayne M (Windygorge) says:

    you da man!

  12. Dewayne M (Windygorge) says:

    do you need to prefinish the cabinets before you glaze?

  13. alwaysrockn2009 says:

    Cool video. This is the first video I’ve seen in glazing anything besides a
    donut. Looks good.

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