Using A 5-In-1 Tool. Scrapping A Roller With Painters 5 in 1

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13 Responses to Using A 5-In-1 Tool. Scrapping A Roller With Painters 5 in 1

  1. The Idaho Painter says:

    Thank you.

  2. Marc Watkins says:

    You can tell a good painter by how white his overhauls are. Chris must be
    very good.

  3. The Idaho Painter says:

    Hope I am good.

  4. Luciano Ferreira says:

    Hello friend! My name is Luciano and I live in Brazil ! Congratulations for
    your videos ! they helped me a lot! I am a painter of homes and we do not
    have here these types of equipment that you own ! Could you make a video
    only demo equipment and know where adiquirir ? I need to store that send
    products to Brazil !My e-mail : ! Thank you ! God
    bless you ! Success !

  5. The Idaho Painter says:

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  6. Butsuma Butsudans says:

    Thank’s for that tip!
    That will sabe me time and money on the next job.
    keep sharing the precious information.

  7. cwrowe says:

    Your bucket for your 18inch nap is that a insert in there? I know they make
    the insert for the 9 inch pans what do you do for the 18 inch pans for
    easier clean up?

  8. Stan Ingram says:

    Thanks for posting. I need to get one of these for scraping some old
    caulk. I didn’t think of cleaning my rollers – I usually just wrap them in
    a plastic bag between coats and toss after the job is done. Of course I’m
    a homeowner not a professional. I’ll try this next time I use a roller and
    maybe save a little cash as I always buy quality rollers. Take care…

  9. Paul Rhodes says:

    Great video Chris! What is the black mat or drop that runs down the hall?
    Is that something you guys put down? If so who makes it and where would l
    get one Thanks have a blessed week. By the looking forward to buying one of
    your shirts they look great!

  10. Paul Rhodes says:

    Thank you! So it is the same one that you put under your ladders non skid?
    Thanks again

  11. Katherine Harris says:

    Good informative video lads,but please turn the sound up.
    I can’t hear you all the way from Scotland.Thank you for

  12. cliff tucker says:

    you rock

  13. Radzi T says:

    That is a very good tips… Thanx.

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