Triangular sex

Kiene SM, Subramanian S. When the triangular relationship of these behaviors is accepted; it could be accepted that all of them have a common origin. This relationship can also be examined from a different angle. Therefore, in community-based interventions, when one of them is cured, the other two are strengthened; and accordingly, interfering with one part is never complete In case of the presence of unresolved stress, especially traumatic type, there is an attitude to repression and forgetfulness mostly in association with drug overdose , increased violence against the community expression of aggression , and inclination toward revenge high-risk sexual behavior Unprotected sex in heterosexual partnerships of injecting drug users in St. Relationship characteristics and sexual risk-taking in young men who have sex with men. Studies showed that aggression disorder is associated with using substances such as drugs, alcohol, and hallucinogens, and it can be observed as the increase of domestic violence among the wives of addicts 17 , 20 ,

Triangular sex

The role of alcohol and substance use in risky sexual behavior among older men who have sex with men: The community domain based interventions -when dealing with high-risk sexual behavior, addiction, and aggression- are usually presented by separate social institutions, especially in the developing countries that do not have integrated approaches. Issues in methodology, interpretation, and prevention. Drug Injection to Sites other than Arm: As a limitation, various intrapsychic factors determine human behavior, the current study exclusively focused on intrapsychic processes and its dynamism. The idea of the triangle was the term that unified the concepts into a single theory. In fact, as long as tension and anxiety level is low, the system is stable. Therefore, it is suggested that a systematic and integrative approach should be implemented by integrated social institutions. The studies by Ahmadi et al. The most discriminating descriptors were the phase of the second harmonic C 2 , related to the oval or elliptic aspect and thus the elongation of the shape, and the amplitude of the third harmonic Phi 3 , describing the triangularity of the shape. Predictors of unprotected sex with non-cohabitating primary partners among sheltered and low-income housed women in Los Angeles County. In other words, high-risk sexual behavior, addiction, and aggression are all one social problem with different manifestations. J Consult Clin Psychol. For example, it is shown that the consumption of amphetamines increases sexual desire and this increase is associated with a feeling of coercion and unusual sexual behaviors. Balali Meybodi F, Hassani M. Therefore, after years, the person expresses all of them. Aggression is probably the axis for the other two. Prevalence of domestic violence against women. Journal of Gorgan University of Medical Sciences. Over a long period of time, a triangle relationship has long term postures and functioning positions and a triangle relationship can stabilize or destabilize a two-person system On the other hand, when people are subjected to violence, it may result in RSB or engagement in it by violence. Regarding the relationship between unprotected sex and use of violence, different studies showed that people with high-risk sexual behavior have significantly, more than other people, had the personality trait of neuroticism associated with emotional instability and extreme biological reactivity. A system is an entity of interactive elements and this interaction, gives it a totality and a sense of completeness. Discussion In general, the results of the studies on the relationship between sexual behaviors and addiction were almost in one direction and the relationship between addiction and RSB was clearly shown in the studies by Mayer et al. The role of impulsive behavior in drug abuse. Also, this fact should be considered that the types of drugs and their use have different effects on the incline or decline of sexual desire in different people.

Triangular sex

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    All of three types of high risk-sex behaviors, addiction, and aggression are linked and affect one another in a triangular process. Iraninan Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology.


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