Train a sex slave

Getting your slave to think, or say anything that is self degrading will have her feel profound pleasure. Which is a realization that she should have profoundly, and live with continuously. Where can I find a slave girl for rough bondage sex? To change behavior, including desired change, rewards and punishment. This is accomplished by rewarding and institutionalizing the new.

Train a sex slave

You might shout at them constantly over even the tiniest mistake, or even accuse them of imaginary mistakes. Talking back gets punishment, saying "I can't" gets punishment, trying to call for help gets punishment, and so on. The activity of thinking is to reason precisely to each every logical consequence of what I have told her. Your job it to make the push strong and pull weaker or at least do not let it grow. Master gives an order, and they obey, simple as that. Every action is life is made by choices but if she behaves as a slave she is helpless but to make one choice and that choice it to obey the orders given her. By unfreezing the slave accepts that change needs to occur. Teaching others how to live as slaves is one of the biggest signs that your slave has come to accept their new life style, and they should be well rewarded for such a performance. Privacy includes three areas; 1 Privacy of the body, 2 Secrets and 3 Transparency of thoughts. Punishment does work best in some cases; usually this is changed an existing behavior. Giving my slave pain in proportion to her infringement gives her the realization that I have complete control over her. Operant conditioning is based on four concepts for dealing with proper and bad behavior. The next time they undergo this training, you should leave them bound and gagged, preferably with their legs up in the air, so they can't pull themselves off the toy without your assistance. During the course of this training, a slave should be conditioned to view their master as some form of god at best, or royalty at worst. A well trained slave who idolizes their master can become something akin to a priest around less experienced slaves, helping to guide their minds and their spirits into an easier transition from person to property. In short, she acts like a slave before being fully trained. A Beginner's Guide A beginner's reference to lusty doms wanting to train their subs Many proud and powerful doms would like the idea of having their own little pleasure slave harem, but few know how to train them properly. The need to change must be stronger then the pull. In positive reinforcement, a positive reinforcer is added after a response and increases the frequency of the response. This includes her use of the bathroom, telephone conversations, work, or sleep. Punishment works better when accompanied with reinforcement for proper behavior: He stated that individual differences are important in behavioral training. The best methods of modifying behavior according to behavioral studies and what they should be used for are as follows: Never underestimate the power of verbal domination. These are the most favored of slaves, they receive the best rewards, they live in the best luxury, and they serve as an example of what other slaves should aspire to be, lest they become something much worse for their defiance.

Train a sex slave

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    The slave came to believe that its duty was only to serve master and that the two actually had a connection that extended beyond the pleasures of the flesh.


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