Tips on using body lines to paint

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  1. Tosh twentythree says:

    Look at what the gun is doing…Thats not just a little tip ..That golden nugget has transformed my painting….Thankyou..
    Also, I always thought that the gun nozzle should be 90 degrees to the panel. Or is that when doing metallics ????

  2. jlv collision repair says:

    Nice job

  3. AGELO MURGIA says:

    un ci capiu na micciarda

  4. Chuck Thomas says:


  5. Steve Janka says:

    That really looks great. You sure get to work with the difficult issues. That is clean paint work and great shine. Thanks again. Take care.

  6. Dale Clary says:

    Nice pointer did a good job as always thanks

  7. Shamel Powder says:

    Sata 1500 solv. I have the same one. I use it for our lower end clear coats (ec800). I was told by my rep that this gun is designed specifically for low voc solvents. Then i see you spraying waterbourne base with it.

  8. Derek Warrack says:

    Can you do a review of that sata 1500 PLEASE!!!

  9. its nunya business says:

    good work gabe

  10. Brulserz says:

    In my opinion this can work only if you have a paint booth, cause in the booth the particles go DOWN, not flying arround in the air, where as if you dont paint in a booth, the particles will fly arround and stick on those spots you dont want to stick. So, yea, thats basically it.

  11. Dimitri Dam says:

    When i was learning painting cars and stuff..they allways said the gun on the right angle..etc but that doesnot work allways..see and feel what your paint wants and needs..then you get what you want to see. Nice tip gab..awesome class..

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