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  1. Nidhi Nijhawan says:

    very good n informative video. Loved to watch this. Thanks a lot for such a beautiful video…

  2. LiveAndBreatheMuzik says:

    This was very helpful for me. I’m a studio art major in college and I’ve never had an official art class before now. Granted artistic talent runs in my family, so I do have some artistic ability naturally, this video gave me some deeper insight into some techniques that may be useful for me as I transition into painting. Skin tones is one of the things I have struggled with most in my artistic approach and I really feel like your video has helped me put together a much better approach. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Kanoelani Foy says:


  4. Genie Chow says:

    Beautiful work, Eric. Thanks for this. I’m getting back into acrylic painting in addition to my watercolor. It’s going to be fun!

  5. Lynn Terrace says:

    That is awesome !!!

  6. Wilson Law says:

    Awesome! Really helpful :))

  7. Henry Chamberlain says:

    Hey Eric, great work!
    Very informative. And beautiful work.

  8. Alexandra Lee says:

    Lefties unite!

  9. John Greene says:

    Great video, learned alot!!

  10. Nate Gonzalez says:

    Hey Eric, I’ve been meaning to ask you how you go about doing the initial “wash”? Thanks again sir.

  11. Liz Gibson says:

    excellent video

  12. Meltem Tunar says:

    Thanks Eric. <3

  13. Faith Star says:

    Is this watercolor, or acrylic, or something else?

  14. SwatHound says:

    Came for the painting techniques, stayed for that blissful voice.

  15. Loreto Socias says:

    I am really learning thanks

  16. Whatever 111716 says:

    Love your voice …
    Beautiful work !!!

  17. The Big F U says:

    Great video, the line work info helped, thanks !

  18. Erm 2002 says:

    You are an amazing !!! Well done

  19. Tamsyn Snowdon says:

    Thank you so much, because of this I was able to get moved into a higher streamed art class made just for me! My skills have improved so much thanks to you

  20. David cain says:

    You’re an amazing artist you definitely got a new subscriber

  21. erictfrancis says:

    God is good! thanks!

  22. James Livingstone says:

    It’s always interesting to see the artist take us through the stages of a portrait because it’s often almost impossible to imagine how it was was done when it is finished! Thanks a lot, this has been a great help!

  23. Sharon Newman says:

    that girl has an huge gob.but your voice is lovely

  24. Hazel Jackson says:

    It would be nice if you just said (spoke out) your palette ( colors) to use it’s hard for me to read that quickly and print is a bit small, thanks….oh, nice work

  25. DarkFoxMedia says:

    This is great! Thank you!

  26. Deogratious Kalyango says:


  27. Darlene Conard says:

    What type of canvas are you using? This is the best video that I’ve found on YouTube for this! Thanks!!!

  28. Yoru Shiroi says:

    Great tips

  29. Crazy ASSh Ketchum says:

    Man this artists’ works look amazing. Too bad he quit youtube since he stop uploading 2 years ago. I would’ve subbed if he was still active. Quite sad.

  30. John Chan says:

    Trying to do my first acrylic portrait ever, this saved my life! Thank you!

  31. Phyllis Coburn-Harriel says:

    Thank you so much for this information!  I have just recently began to take a painting class and the way you explain everything has been amazing.  Be blessed and may God continue to grow your gift!

  32. Maria J says:

    You are an expert and wonderful teacher. I know, because I am already doing much of what you said. (I had an expert teacher.) Bravo!

  33. Elizabeth Paige says:

    Thanks for interesting technique tips. I paint with oil. Fan brushes are what I use for blending.

  34. Alpha Omega says:

    You are amazing man!! 😀 thank you

  35. Kristen Crawford says:

    You have an amazing calm voice…+ Perfect for tutorials. I’m lost. How do I paint the portrait of a child?

  36. POMPA ROY says:

    Painting arm is a problem,not getting the colours right..

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