Tip: Glazing a Acrylic Painting

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13 Responses to Tip: Glazing a Acrylic Painting

  1. Norm Stachulski says:

    Love your work pal. Thanks for inspiring me 

  2. ThadTaylorArt says:

    ya no problem Norm thanks for watching!

  3. Eileen Fritzwalked says:

    05:18. Love those brushes. 

  4. Meagan Chamberlain says:

    I noticed the paper you used to mix your glazes didn’t absorb the paint at
    all, so you got the most bang for your buck. What kind of paper is that?
    Wax? Do you use that for out-of-the-tube paint too? or just glazes?

  5. Dawn Golden says:

    Thank you for posting. I’m about to do my first attempt at glazing. I
    needed a demo….

  6. kamlesh goyal says:

    I love your paintings! I have an important question: I used glaze varnish
    over my acrylic painting. I only let it dry for half an hour and used a
    brush to apply the glaze. It looks like glaze in patches now. How do I fix
    it now? Please advise.

  7. Mary Keaveny says:

    thank you. i learned a lot. just beginning to paint. mary

  8. Judith A Rowland says:

    Hey there, Thad, You teach well and you engage your viewers. I am new to
    acrylics, want to paint abstracts and need to learn the basics about this
    medium. I’ve learned a lot about glazing just from watching your video. I
    hope you make more of these. Your relaxed approach is very inviting to
    someone just starting out. You’re encouraging and optimistic. A great “Can
    Do.” We need more instruction from artists like you on

  9. Shanti Hunter says:

    Thank you!

  10. Kat McGee says:

    I was unable to see the color change at all; better lighting or at least a
    final calibrated close up would have been nice!

  11. Darlene Conard says:

    That is very helpful! I love it because it’s a layering process. I didn’t
    know how to do that with acrylic.

  12. barb compa says:

    Thanks! I had no clue, and I think it might give my painting more

  13. Johnson Edward says:

    Hi Thad, I tried to subscribe to your channel but youTube said “user not

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