The Idaho Painter Live: Exterior Painting Tip & Products

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  1. Micah Trevathan says:

    I use satin on the exterior body of a house , Trim I typically use semi gloss -gloss most of the time occasionally I will use satin depending on the job. I will also use duration, resilience, or Emerald on trim. Usually will not even give people the option of what I use on their trim because top-of-the-line paint in a Gloss is going to last longer because the sheen is the first thing to start breaking down. Which is important where I live because we are at 7000 feet so the ultraviolet rays break down the paint faster plus not to mention that every day we usually have a temperature fluctuation of about 30° or more between daytime and nighttime temps.

  2. Igor Verdes says:

    Do you use dtm primer on metal siding?

  3. Igor Verdes says:

    What do you recommend to cover the clear non paintable silicon. All metal capping needs to be painted and all seems have clear silicon.

  4. Joe Jordan says:

    you changed the name of this livecast???

  5. Joe Jordan says:

    Who’s show is this?

  6. Joe Jordan says:

    Wow this Live Stream was a shipwreck. Please go back to the way you used to do it and talk as long as you want.

  7. mick falvey says:

    how to know when you’ll be on live ahead of time?

  8. 78835 says:

    great job as usual! This was action pack!!!

  9. Grant Goodman says:

    How do I catch you live show next time?

  10. Grant Goodman says:


  11. Jack Smith says:

    Chris, I love your channel. I like the idea of covering one topic per show. Great move. I also know the importance of having a wife that keeps you on track. However, it is distracting when your wife constantly corrects you and talks over you. I enjoy it when you share from your knowledge, even if it’s off topic or maybe “chasing rabbits”. Just adding my two cents, take it or leave it, that’s fine. Keep up the great work. Also love the Bible verses!

  12. Jack Smith says:

    Valspar is also sold commercially. However they are within weeks of being sucked up by the huge paint machine – Sherwin Williams. I love Valspar, sad to see them go away.

  13. Reggie Joiner says:

    I cringed when listening to this livestream. I’m guessing “the boss” your business manager was a little anxious and trying to control the content but it soured the presentation. She didn’t want you to answer any questions she felt was off the planned topic and tried to re-direct which interrupted your natural flow. Listen at 4:10 4:35 6:00 7:08 and 8:40 . All Chris could say was “WOW”. It was obvious she wanted to hear what products were being used and why. I get that but carefully listening to your audience and allowing the natural back and forth flow of content and ideas strengthens your channel. Being overbearing, strictly sticking to a script, interrupting and not allowing conversation to veer off topic weakens it.
    Looking forward to another live stream that’s less controlled where you can talk as long as you want.

  14. Andrew Brown says:

    Great new format Chris, and good to have someone by your side. Shame its about 3am in the UK when you go live. But still good to watch later, keep them coming.

  15. Sharon Carpenter says:

    any day is fine sharon from ENGLAND

  16. catman92260 says:

    Please go back to you alone on the show.I could only take a few minutes of it.You do just fine by yourself and don’t need any help.

  17. Mike Falvey says:

    16hrs behind melbourne time…thats hard to comprehend lol

  18. Christine Razo says:

    We used satin when we repainted our stucco home and I love the way it is holding up well

  19. Christine Razo says:

    Thursday night is good good luck with you show !

  20. David M Roadking says:


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