Spraying door jambs, baseboards, doors, and windows. Painting Tips.

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  1. Andre Hawk says:

    I understand the benefits of spraying verses brushing trim for new
    construction but what about repaints?

  2. delivertotheliver says:

    Hey Chris. Love all your videos and just don’t know where you find the time
    to be able to do all the things you do with YouTube but 10/10 to you. I
    just had to download every single video and watch them many times over.
    You’re a true craftsman. Can you please tell me what causes paint to
    ‘crackle/ craze’? Is it spraying a flat over gloss, spraying gloss over
    flat, or something else? I’m fixing up an old house and it has lots of both
    paints, including some gloss walls (yuck) :-). Regards… Scott (Downunder)

  3. DumpinMyGun says:

    This dude has crazy dope moves. No way would I try that at home.

    I’d gunk up every corner from going to slow, spit marks, bad start and stop
    marks, and I’d get paint everywhere.

  4. shilohwillcome says:

    Everything the same color??

  5. travis kennedy says:

    im assuming his 310 tip is a fine finish tip or else spraying jams that
    slow would be a disaster lol

  6. Steven Giraldo says:

    Hi can I ask a question how much pressure you put on the sprayer low,
    medium or high pressure and of number of tip you use

  7. sinclair page says:

    Hi. Great videos and very informative! I need some advice on spraying
    acrylic eggshell onto walls. I have a graco airless sprayer. What tips and
    pressures would you recommend for this? Thanks.

  8. Brandon Wilson says:

    Chris, thanks for the great videos. Question: I’m spraying a semi-gloss
    on my trim soon… very soon. and will be rolling/cutting in the
    walls…with an eggshell. will the overspray of the semigloss show through
    near the trim or have a different sheen? what should I do to MAKE sure
    that spraying the trim with semigloss doesn’t hose me over on the look of
    the wall? Thanks for the help.


    Dont you think its silly that right after you have painted the base boards
    you dust off the window seal? Ive been a painter for many years and
    definitely would not do it in that order. But each to their own i guess.

  10. The Idaho Painter says:

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    Don’t forget to “like” by clicking the little thumbs up button. And
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  11. Sam Knittel says:

    Chris, I need to paint a bunch of wood trim (I am painting it white). There
    is no one living in the house I am painting and new floors will be put in
    (sub floors are exposed), so I will be spraying. Would I follow the same
    procedure you outline here, only with extra coats of primer and paint– 1st
    coat: primer, 2nd coat: fog coat of paint, 3rd coat: final coat of paint?

  12. TheSkoot61 says:

    Chris, I want to spray paint my interior staircase balusters, wood door
    jamb’s and baseboards that have a light gloss finish from when they were
    originally stained. My plan is to spray a Sherwin Williams Premium Wall &
    Wood Primer and then spray a S-W satin finish coat. My concern is, can I
    expect the tape / masking applied to and around the oak pre-finished
    flooring to hold up for both spray coatings over 2 days avoiding any
    bridging and bleeding?
    Please advise. Thanks from Fremont, NH

  13. Matt Weiler says:

    do you spray 2nd coat with same speed or a bit slower?

  14. shi yujia says:

    Is this oil base or water base ?

  15. Anthony Tawse says:

    Hi Chris, thanks for a great lot of videos, very helpful! I’ve already
    started liking them as I watch 😉
    I’ve been painting some pre-primed doors with a new RACX212 tip and Dulux
    Aquanamel Gloss. I’ve been having some problems… First with the spray
    pattern feathering/tailing, even at full pressure. Then I thinned the paint
    until I got a solid spray pattern, once I did this I started having issues
    with runs vs coverage. I found I had to have very light coats to avoid
    runs. I notice the coverage you are getting in one coat is much better. I’m
    using the same gun technique that has been successful using thicker paints
    with bigger tips.
    Will changing to a 310 tip solve these issues? Or is there something else I
    should do differently?

  16. Dylan Antes says:

    Hey paint, I have been spraying proclassic latex using FFT 310. Clean
    sprayer, woodwork primed, sanded, cleaned. Have been very thorough with
    prep work. The coat looks perfect then it happens. “Pinholes” gradually
    appear everywhere. Tips, comments?

  17. Charles Budd says:

    The windowsill bit was very interesting to me. Firstly you sprayed over it
    quite a few times. Was that because it’s flat it won’t run, and you wanted
    a good load of paint to be able to level off and give a really smooth
    finish. And secondly you removed the masking – isn’t there a risk of crud
    falling onto the freshly sprayed sill by doing that? Why not wait until the
    paint is dry? Not a criticism, just intrigued! Cheers Chris.

  18. Yadira Barragan says:

    Hello, Sprayed a ceiling after new texture but didnt prime before spaying
    flat ceiling paint. well it ended up streaky …. not sure what is
    happening ? any suggestions …

  19. wynne stripling says:

    Hi Chris. Love your video’s. Thank you for posting them! You are the only
    person I have found who cuts to the chase and tells me how to do what I am
    looking for and your video’s are very professional. You are fabulous. I
    hope my paint job turns out as well as your work.

  20. lahattec says:

    Hi. Nice videos Thanks. I wonder, it looks like you are missing some areas,
    like on top of the doorway trim. Are you brush painting some spots first,
    or you just leave them? I realize it won’t be seen, but just wondering your
    thoughts. Thanks.

  21. Max Lee says:

    Hi Chris I was wondering what type of hose your using for your gun?

  22. Bob Barker says:

    Hey, where did you get that paper tape roller thing?

  23. Mario Polk says:

    Hey Chris your videos are most definitely helpful.Thank you so very much

  24. Cesar G says:

    What pressure do you use when spraying base boards and door trim?

  25. marcus kellam says:

    how did u paint the walls. if u painted the baseboards first?

  26. Jack Bo says:

    You make it look so easy. I have a Graco X7 with not many hours on it.
    Sprayed interior now wanting to redo cabinets and doors. Approx. what
    pressure would I use to avoid alot of overspray. Planning on doing outside
    inside a 10’x20′ tent. Did all interior trim with Benj. Moore which turned
    out awesome. Painted with a great quality brush and it looked like I
    sprayed them.

  27. Jack Bo says:

    How many coats would you put on doors and kitchen doors?

  28. David Birdno says:

    I love Pro classic semi-gloss but I shoot a little bit of B1 into it on my
    repaints and new construction

  29. Jason K says:

    I have primed my trim in my new home with one coat a SW oil based primer,
    now I am hanging it and filling nail holes/caulking. I put one coat of
    paint on the walls first(mainly so my wife could decide if the colors would
    be correct). I was going to spray ProClassic, thinking 1 light coat, then
    lightly scuff and remove any imperfections, then 1 medium heavy coat. Do I
    need to worry about the overspray on the walls before I put my last paint
    coat on? Should I use something other than ProClassic? I come from a body
    shop background so I’m more comfortable spraying than brushing/rolling.

  30. J1SMOKES says:

    Was wondering do you take the hinges off or Doyle mask them

  31. Hank Hill says:

    how do I prevent orange peel bro

  32. Hank Hill says:

    thank you!

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