Small Studio Organization | 4 Tips for Success

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  1. PeaceDraws says:

    nice video! These tips are all very helpful to people who have to get used to a small work space 🙂

    I’ve been living in a tiny room all my life so I’m used to doing everything you’ve described. My room is literally that small that you can only take one step into it and have to bend your knees a bit so your head doesn’t hit the ceiling :’) I really wish I had more wall space to hang my paintings! Sadly my room’s walls are either already filled with shelves and cupboards or they’re at a steep angle so it’s difficult to put up my art there. Until now I’ve been taking photos of all my pieces and saving them on my computer while giving the real paitings away as there unfortunately is no space to put them on display at home :/

  2. Yaoi Llama says:

    My “studio” is so sad. it’s my small black bedside table and a flower shaped chair.

  3. JBG Art says:

    Thanks man. great helpful video.. keep up the beautiful painting.

  4. cathy bird says:

    Thanks, this gives me ideas for the “studio” tucked in my living room!

  5. Rose Bishop says:

    I like all his tips but one – minimizing materials. many artist including myself go through phases where we might work in lets say color pencil for months or even years and tgen go into a phase where we’re crazy about acrylic paint so. I say put your supplies you haven’t used in a year into a supplies closet in case you decide to use it later. and minimize your materials buy only buying what you are going to use in the immediate future

  6. Sofia lois Tibayan says:

    When i did this it made me more addicted to arts!!!

  7. Pamela Slaton says:

    Thank you for this. I was looking for ideas get my studio trimmed down and organized. . In fact, my husband and I are trying to do this throughout our home and life. the ideas are so common sense and simple!

  8. MASTER MEME says:

    …my room is smaller than that and I have only 1 square yard of space for a desk(TV stand) and I use my bed as a chair and all my costumes (I sew) is along the one wall wile all my other things are around my room…if you take 3 steps from my other wall to my door your in my door way…i have an idea to use this shed or old camper(both are bigger than my room) as my art studio or Craft Shack…should I wait till I’m old enough to move out or should I get a shed???

  9. Luis Barros says:

    I work on my computer desk, I do have a “home office” but my wife is taking over of that room over the years, so now I basically have a desk…..

  10. William Jones says:

    Great stuff. I like your minimalist, pragmatic approach. Very streamlined and task oriented.

  11. Cynthia McAlister says:

    Thank you for professionalizing my way of thinking about my craft, which is art journaling, and clarifying what it means to “create” in the “studio.”

  12. sujanith tottempudi says:

    you are sooooooo realistic, at such young age. great to hear you. very very inspiring. Thank you

  13. Seaside Nomads says:

    Great video! What’s that thing you are washing the brushes with?

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