Slave maker sex game

If you accept a slave's love, and then make her a lesbian , she will display no reluctance to have sex with you despite being against her orientation. Although, if your slave's stats are anything to go by, you really do rock her world with vanilla sex. As of later developments, this is also true for the males. The flowery descriptions are saved for more complicated acts. You have one - Corruption - but its use in-game is specific to a few player character backgrounds, or otherwise requires doing a certain event ie: Catgirl slaves will replace their usual activities with "Cat" related options, though the actions don't actually change. Impressively, your slave can go to a party where a female higher-up in the religion asks for her services. There's a Slave Maker skill that keeps them at bay but it can only be gained at character creation and one character can actively hunt them.

Slave maker sex game

Characters who follow "the old gods" or "no gods" do not lose morality over same-sex sex acts. If it's too low, the slave won't have sex with you. The "Advanced Housework" contest requires contestants to remove all clothing except for their aprons. The reason being that Belldandy has the option of turning into an Angel, stay as a mortal, or become a Demon. Luckily, there's a wiki. The only way to get Ayane's special endings is to defeat her in combat. In this case, though, they're just ordinary girls wearing costumes -- "real" catgirls do exist in the setting, but you only encounter a few of them in the game, if training Minako towards her second special ending, or while training the True Cat Girl Slave. Thus, instead of spending her life longing for you, she could spend her life watching you have sex with other women and spending all your attention - and hers - on them. Additionally, certain 'owned slaves' not ones you've been asked to train can become pregnant, and you can continue to have sex with them. You generally have enough time to fully max out your slave's stats, but early on it helps to max out a few choice stats so that she can do well in at least one part of the weekly contests. They will let real abuse go unnoticed, and they will mistake healthy happy relationships for abuse. Played for laughs as a personal quest by choosing the "Cock of Demonic Origin" hermaphrodite origin for your character. If you accept a slave's love, and then make her a lesbian , she will display no reluctance to have sex with you despite being against her orientation. Save Scumming may be required a few times. If you take the time, you can train your slave to be one as well. Likewise, Certain slaves have events and endings that can result in you having your gender changed on you, either forcibly or voluntarily if you have the right options turned on or off. Tropes used in Slave Maker include: Speaking of which, they exist in-game as a separate gender referred to as "dickgirls" and are generally Gag Penis well-hung]]. Edit Slave Maker's Origins. The game isn't at all realistic on any psychological, sociological or biological level Though it is entirely possible, if you can somehow get Lust that high with a low Obedience, for some slaves to refuse to be fucked anyway. Loads and Loads of Characters: It doesn't limit gameplay features like Debug mode does, so it works very well on its own also. If you get a bad ending, this could happen to the player character as well. The state religion is homophobic and also hold similar prejudice against bondage. This becomes particularly hilarious when you consider you can become intimate with your "normal" slaves and fellow slave makers. Edit Gold Receive and Lose.

Slave maker sex game

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