Simply Simple 2-MINUTE TUESDAY TIP – Aqua Painters – Coloring Glimmer Paper by Connie Stewart

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17 Responses to Simply Simple 2-MINUTE TUESDAY TIP – Aqua Painters – Coloring Glimmer Paper by Connie Stewart

  1. Donna Henderson says:

    Rubbing alcohol! Super demo.

  2. Jennifer Maddock says:

    Awesome! Is it OK to leave the alcohol in the Aqua Painter for storage or do you have to empty it out?

  3. Sherry Palmer says:

    Great tip! Luv luv luv it! TFS!

  4. Ang Mannina says:

    great tip, thanks for sharing.

  5. Lucy K says:

    awesome tip! Thanks Connie

  6. Hazel Fujimoto says:

    I love this tip! Now I know what to do with my Aqua Painter. Thank you.

  7. Sheila Brown says:

    Hi Connie once you color your glimmer paper does it dry fast. And will the color come off. Tfs

  8. julie seymour says:

    What a great money saving, excellent tip. TFS

  9. Sharon Nesvog says:

    +Connie Stewart ….what an amazing tip!! ☺ Thanks for sharing!! ☺ PS…I tried making some of my own colored glimmer paper using double-sided adhesive and then applied some home-brewed colored dazzling diamonds (colored with Daffodil Delight re-inker)…and it wasn’t a complete flop…but it was super messy!! This tip is thousands times better!!! ☺ Thank you also for the tip on how to use a water brush with rubbing alcohol in it instead….AND how to store them ‘brush up’!! I’d never even thought of that!

  10. Robin S says:

    WOW!!!! Awesome tip!!!! Make whatever color you want!!!!

  11. Peggy Mitchell says:

    I always enjoy & appreciate your tips. However, this tip tops the charts.. I am always looking for ways to expand usage of my colors. Thanks ever so much.

  12. Jeanne Smoker says:

    Like Peggy, I really appreciate your tips and ideas!! Keep them coming!!

  13. Lorain Kerr says:

    Love your tips always.

  14. Hunter Shannon says:

    Awesome demonstration! Love it!

  15. Kari Thomason says:

    Super cool technique!!! Love it!!!

  16. Maeve Garcia says:

    What a great idea!! Connie………You’re a Genius!! :):)

  17. Lucy Schmidt says:

    Great tip. I’m looking forward to making some ombre circles using different dilution proportions. Beautiful!

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