Sexual attraction to intelligence

Do you find this term as annoying as I do? We spoke about things we hated, people we liked, and the fact that we were the last dying breed of truly intense, emotionally charged humans. Now before you raise an eyebrow to this funny-sounding term, chill out: First of all, who isn't looking for a smart partner? As is perhaps inevitable with a sexual identity that prizes intelligence above all, the concept has met with both ridicule and criticism from those see the concept as pretentious, or who worry that it disadvantages those with disabilities.

Sexual attraction to intelligence

The study demographics could also be a factor. But, as is also apparent to most any adult, sexuality is a fascinatingly complex subject. According to a self-described sapiosexual writing for Psychology Today , "As foreplay, the sapiosexual person may crave philosophical, political or psychological discussions, because this turns them on. Then came Maharashtra, who was the most sensual lover, and the man I had been searching for, through so many lives. But, as is also apparent to most any adult, sexuality is a fascinatingly complex subject. Do you understand what a lumbersexual is? Getting to the roots of what turns us on is no easy task. He taught me how to love and how to revel in the beauty of love. It could simply be a manifestation of an attraction to other characteristics, or perhaps simply an identity adopted by those who wish to see themselves a certain way. And hey, this eventually will produce a high-quality single that hopefully, can keep up with you in convo. He was my Neruda poems, my Klimt paintings. Sapiosexuals, may kindly fuck off. He interprets this as evidence of sapiosexuality among a small subset of people. By Nathaniel Scharping January 4, 4: Perhaps more importantly, this whole discussion led us at xo HQ to find out about lumbersexuals , which one xo editor explains as basically just "dudes often hipster dudes who are into the rugged aesthetic yet still use moisturizer. Here, they use their specific matchmaking technology to track your clicks as you browse through profiles and decide yes or no on singles. A larger sample size would help, as well. Someone who considers themselves too good for emojis and says "I'm sorry" when you say you're going to see a dumb romantic comedy? The implication of sapiosexuality seems to buy that physical appearance and chemistry doesn't matter — that intelligence is the sole ingredient when it comes to sexual attraction. Urban Dictionary, despite defining almost every other word with something filthily sexual, defines a sapiosexual as "one who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature," and sapiosexuality as "to become attracted to or sexually aroused by intelligence and its use. Recently, I've noticed a new cliche oozing its way up from the world of mating and dating and that's the term sapiosexuality. Instead, what gets you going and piques your interest is far more about just a general, profound love of knowledge, in whatever form it takes in your partner. The term has caught on recently — OkCupid now allows users to identfiy as sapiosexual, and an entire dating app, Sapio , is devoted to helping sapiosexuals meet. All primal desires laced with immense affection. That was such a gross thing to write. Or are you a card-carrying sapiosexual and prepared to defend your case? And then there's the idea that a sapiosexual's physical attraction to another human being is based solely or largely on that person's brain power.

Sexual attraction to intelligence

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    The term has caught on recently — OkCupid now allows users to identfiy as sapiosexual, and an entire dating app, Sapio , is devoted to helping sapiosexuals meet. The study demographics could also be a factor.


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