REPAINT: Color This, Not That (Painting Tips)

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30 Responses to REPAINT: Color This, Not That (Painting Tips)

  1. Dr.Sketchdoodles says:

    You should call it Repaint instead!

  2. MistLiz says:

    I screamed Harry Styles when I saw his Sign of the Times cover.

  3. josh viking says:

    Very nice

  4. Thomas Wågen Olaussen says:

    I love your videos and your art. As a person you seem sooo sweet and trustworthy! You truly inspires and I have learned a lot from you <3

  5. wasi m says:

    u are fun and should have more subss..

  6. Raji Jojo says:

    I paint to quickly do you have any tips to pervent this if you do
    please comment

  7. Rose Aquino says:

    Ok why do I think robin is hoodie

  8. SenPIE Jackie says:

    You repainted in the wrong neighborhood


  9. David Almeida says:

    to be honest I prefer the original one

  10. Alexandra Ramirez says:

    when you mentioned Harry Styles you made me SMASH that like button

  11. Lía AM says:

    Ahhh both painting look so good <333!! i've been trying to learn color theory so i can improve my paintings, thank you for sharing your progress it helps me to keep motivated <3333!!

  12. cmani says:

    Anatomy do’s and don’ts

  13. Phoenix Nation says:

    Love the new hair 🙂

  14. Katie Osborne says:

    Id love if you could do a video on the different mediums used in oil painting. Im thinking of switching from acrylic to oils but dont know which medium or solvents would be best for me!

  15. Bartholo Clumpdink says:

    We the people DEMAND a bloopers video. *enable Patric Stewart mode* “Make it so” hoodie.

  16. Jason Gardner says:

    I really appreciate this!

  17. marwa saeed says:

    I actually like the 2015 one the color scheme was Beautiful all that it was missing is some detail and it would’ve been perfect

  18. Pia says:

    That was really interesting and fun! The first painting kind of look like when it is really grey outside, and I don’t mean just the sky but those mornings when everything have lost its color.

  19. Chloe Reese says:


  20. Rufus52 says:

    how do u draw water?

  21. Red Fox Nalie says:

    robin, could you do a one color challenge?

  22. Das Hütchen says:

    in a way I really prefer the style of the first picture but it is also obvious how much you have improved 🙂

  23. Stargirl's Sketches says:

    Both paintings are so beautiful

  24. Frank Freeman says:

    I love the shine on the water, really good work robin!

  25. Wandering InGreys says:

    Ooooh I wanna learn how to paint like a gloomy / rainy day cuz idk if I should just paint it all grey or w.e thank you Robin ♥️♥️♥️LOVE ALL UR VIDEOS THEYRE SO HELPFULL!!!!

  26. sena wasgehtsiedasan says:

    so good!!! love it!! 🙂

  27. i'ma change mah name soon 6 says:

    Meanwhile, here I am crying my eyes out after my my mom threw away my favorite drawings that took about 6 hours of my life. Oh well.

  28. etoilecuore says:

    i love u robin

  29. Brendon Wong says:

    @Robin Clonts Can you try to draw and paint anime character/ make your own? It would be really cool!!

  30. BananaAndThePinapple says:

    Hi robin

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