Recommended airless spray tips. What spray tips to use?

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  1. Construction Consulting Design USA says:

    why change the tips so often” ive used my tips for miles of spraying””” and
    they still smoke my friend”

  2. Larry Braswell says:

    Are Titan and Graco tips interchangable

  3. ‫אבי גור‬‎ says:

    friend i jave airless and when i use wall paint its blocked the do
    i need a bigger tip to buy ?

  4. steve Griffin says:

    Don’t know how long you have been spraying but wanted to run something by
    you. Just bought a graco 490 paint sprayer will be spraying for the first
    time. My question is with the tips. I’m getting alot of info out there on
    using the green tips with everything. I guess to eliminate orange peel and
    to reduce the cost of lost paint into the air. Can you use green tips for

  5. Black S says:

    hey Chris quick question does the RAC guard have gasket between the gun and
    the guard because when I hit the trigger paint leaks from the between rac
    guard and Rac x what can be my problem??

  6. Ben Weiler says:

    Are you kidding? “a tip only lasts 20 gallons” I’ve used the same 5 17 tip
    for exterior and interior and have gone through atleast 100 gallons. The
    only wear I’ve experienced is dry paint build up which is easily fixed by
    spraying with the tip on backward briefly.

  7. sudy5997 says:

    Great vid, very helpful.

  8. Gene Harrogate says:

    Yeah, those titian tips are junk. I got a purple 308 and and the fan was
    way to tight

  9. haji20000 says:

    Hi, I used 311 tips for trims and doors. the funny thing is after sprying
    the surface looks rough!! I though the pressure is too high or I do it too
    far! but the funny things is around the trims on the walls that have
    already painted prime are smooth.
    I hope you are still going online. do you have any suggestions?

  10. Stan Rodgers says:

    The last two numbers are size of orifice in thousandths of inches. spray
    tip 414 = 8 inch fan and a .014 inch orifice.

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