RAX X 310 Tip To Spray Paint Trim Work. Graco Sprayer Tutorials.

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  1. tamoose1 says:

    Hi Chris, how many gallons can you spray before you have to change tips due to wear? I’m finding that I start to get “tailing” before I get to 50 gallons. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  2. tamoose1 says:

    But if I have the pressure all the way up and it’s tailing, does that mean I need a new tip? We change tips regularly but was just curious how many gallons of latex I should be looking to get out of a 310 or a 515

  3. tamoose1 says:

    Filters are cleaned or replaced after every use. I’ll replace the tip sooner. Thanks for the advice. Of course I tell my workers and friends to watch your vids

  4. daniel challenger says:

    how much does a tip cost in the us? theyre bout 80nzd here lol

  5. rbrodieful says:

    My wife and I recently purchased a 1920’s house and we will be doing a lot of painting. ┬áPicked up a Greco 395 last week. Your video’s have been EXTREMELY helpful THANKS!

  6. Mississauga Handyman says:

    For spray painting trim work I usually use a “rac IV” 2.09 spray painting tip which is even finer than a 310. It is a little narrower spray pattern width and a finer tip by.01 giving it even a finer spray mist. This is set at a very low pressure well allow you to paint at a slower pace. When spray painting trim especially kitchen cabinet doors where you cannot afford to have a drooping sag of paint. Here you don’t always see when you have to much buildup as the paint deposits on to the substrate so the less paint pressure and smaller opening where the paint is coming out the more time you have to prevent for paint buildup.

  7. Robert Fisher says:

    you dont like the 208?

  8. Alex Reynaga says:

    How’s it going chris, i have a bit of a dilema. i purchased the graco x7 as well as a 313 rac IV switch tip and most paints suggest .015 -.019
    For these paints, is it not smart to use the 313 tip?
    i cannot seem to find paint that suggest that low of a size?
    Any help or advice is much appreciated

  9. Giovanni Scianna says:

    What mesh filter do you use for FF tips and what pressure do you typically set it at? My 440 constantly clogs at the tip when Im using a FF. Trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

  10. Happy2BHere says:

    You’re videos a great. I’m about to spray some cabinets with Sherman Williams Pro Classic Acrylic Latex. Can the 310 tip work with a heavier latex like Pro Classic?

  11. Ryu Egea says:

    is it better to use an HVLP on baseboards than an airless to get a finer finish?

  12. jeffrey looker says:

    when using a 310 tip for trim work what pressure are you using thanks Chris Idaho painter

  13. happybrahma says:

    Graco recommends a 314 for interior latex on trim. Why do they recommend such a large orifice when painters seem to prefer a 310 or 312?

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