Quick Tips To Clean Paint Off Carpet. CLEANING UP PAINT SPILLS

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  1. D Charnas says:


  2. Spencer Colgan says:

    Can I also make a suggestion? Have a spray bottle of clean warm water and spray it on full stream into the ALREADY MOSTLY-CLEANED-UP paint spill and it will necessarily dilute the paint and make it very easy to pull up. Almost soak the area then step on the rag on top of the stain And the paint with suck into the rag as you keep the rag ring out. Keep a clean rag and keep changing the rag as necessary. Make sense?

  3. Spencer Colgan says:

    You better get bigger shirts. Your arms are getting too big from all dat scrubbin’. 😉

  4. Jim Tomlinson says:

    Never used oil painting inside in your career!!
    Crazy, we paint all our woodwork inside with oil paint. I think waterbased paint still has some way to go before it can match old for how long it lasts and the finish you can achieve. Certainly with a brush. I know you guys spray more than us though. We deffo need to catch up there.

  5. Nate Hodson says:

    I always use joint knives to scope it up.

  6. Warren Brady says:

    very good info in the video.

  7. steadyline painting says:

    joint knife for picking up paint instead of hands works better ,clean water ,krud kutter works great for me !

  8. TLOYA1 says:

    That was always the shitty part about having a bunch of people working for you. Always a couple of them that think they are better than they really are and never listen when you tell them to carry a drop or lay down some plastic. And the result would be cleaning carpet or tile. Then they get mad when you treat them how they deserve by drawing a circle and telling them, that’s your circle. You don’t move from that fucking circle.

  9. Southernburrito says:

    Intense! Lol That didn’t seem like an 11min video 🙂 You certainly had my attention.

  10. Sweet T says:

    Thank you for the tips really helps!

  11. Steve Gubala says:

    Good job Lisa

  12. Joe Jaconetti says:

    Try it again get majority paint up then poor water slowly on paint and watch it lift from carpet way easier I can still see white paint …. or better yet poor water and use shop vac clean the mess in 2 minutes

  13. Sven Rohde says:

    Hey Chris why do you use no waterbase paint anymore? Because of The leveling or durability? Most people say that oilpaint want be long on The market, because of The voc regulations. Kinda think myself, that waterbase is The future and i paint everything with it. Im curious to hear your opinion on that. Thx

  14. XC Painter says:

    Not that I’VE ever spilled paint but I would wipe up, then douse with water and wipe up a couple times. Works great, I mean it WOULD work great if I ever needed it. Lol

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