Quick Tips for Beginners- Watercolor Paints

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28 Responses to Quick Tips for Beginners- Watercolor Paints

  1. Frances Casido says:

    omggg how to mix the pink colors? huhu i tried mixing many times but i
    always fail:(

  2. deequu says:

    I wish the camera wasn’t so cut off and I could see how you were washing
    your brush or whatever, just for a more pleasant way of showing us.

  3. Madurleen says:

    Is Calderon a common last name?

  4. Hana Faye De La Torre says:

    Is it okay if i use, drawing pad for painting?

  5. Aleen Keyllian says:

    You sound exactly like Kay Von d I love it

  6. Lucki Qu says:

    Is that terraria I hear

  7. Marissa Molina says:

    Is you winsor newton cotman or the artist grade?

  8. Samantha Gtz says:


  9. Mia Batchelor says:

    For your paint palette, about how much would a good set like that be?

  10. Mia Batchelor says:

    Where can you get really good palettes like that?

  11. Skyy Dmeer says:

    I’m getting the koi set and I hope it works well

  12. xXAwesome3 40Xx says:

    Those little dropper paints is what my teacher called cell stains but they
    look the same I’m so confused someone help me

  13. HerculePoirot says:

    Thought you’d might interested in the fact that your video has obviously
    been used by a person that probably isn’t you and that doesn’t credit you
    either. Art theft annoys me. 🙁

  14. Ana Victoria Calderon says:

    Hello friends! Trying to respond to a bunch of comments today, doing my
    Ok, so the thing is, it’s really hard to give you tips and feedback through
    youtube comments. Seriously, I love to help! But this is not the place.
    Please sign up to my online class, I guide you through the entire process
    of supplies and techniques. I have a nice Ask Me Anything board and you can
    upload your work so I can give feed back. Enroll here, you get a free month
    of skillshare with my link: http://skl.sh/1MF0swV
    p.s. thanks for watching!!! <3

  15. Victoryisalways says:

    This video is so helpful! Now I really want to get Dr. Ph. Martin’s dyes,
    so, I would like to ask you: what size are the bottles you use in your
    video? Also, I’m just curious and this might seem random, but I have the
    theory that if you mix the dyes with watercolors, then, the artwork you
    came would be somewhat archival, wouldn’t it?

  16. danielle walters says:

    Have you ever used water paints that come in tubes? Because that is what I
    purchased and I’m not sure how to use them

  17. Julia Buteau says:

    In art class we have been working on this watercolor painting for months
    and months getting ready to display it at this huge art gallery! This
    actually really helped me!

  18. Octaviani Kurniadi says:

    how much the price of this water colour?

  19. Lily Jones says:

    What paper do you use? (:

  20. Sara Sofia Galvis says:

    como se llaman esas acuarela

  21. -DA CAT- says:

    Very helpfull

  22. Xiao Vee says:

    Just wondering… why some artists choose to not rinse off the paint stain
    on the attached palette? Is there any particular reason?
    I personally love to see my palette clean from stain after painting, so I
    curious if there is any reason to leave the stain there… 🙂 thank you for
    anyone who will reply

  23. Rei Nyan says:

    what watercolor do you using?

  24. Samia Saleh says:

    What kind of paper is she using here?

  25. Eran Kaelan says:

    I really want the Winsor and Newton paints, but I had to settle for Prang
    because my family can’t afford much .-.

  26. Audrey Anderson says:

    The top half of your pan where the paints are is so fucking pleasing to
    look at. Oh my god.

  27. Andrea b says:

    Hello! I have one question: concentrated watercolor is ecoline ?

  28. Basit Noor says:

    video is very helpful with the touch of smooth backgroung music… can
    anyone tel me about background music

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