PRO TIP: Painting Your Models Inside Out

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  1. Mini Warzone says:

    Great tip 🙂

  2. Remco Beijers says:

    Great tip mate.

  3. Sean Kavanagh says:

    20 years of painting and I only got my head around this earlier this year – this point cannot be shared enough great stuff keep um coming!

  4. Doc Eon says:

    Very true. Only thing I would add is that sometimes a model has recessed areas that need to be painted even before the skin. You have to look at what’s most “inside” on any particular sculpt.

  5. IDICBeer 40k says:

    Good tips, another tip is to do all the dry brush area fist so that you don’t mess anything up

  6. Julio Rodriguez says:

    Great tip! Definitely will try!
    One question though, would it be only base colors or completing a layer (with highlights and washes etc)?

  7. Jim says:

    What if it’s a Minotaur with muscles bigger than his loin cloth? 😉

    I think it’s easier to paint the Space marine joints after doing the armour. While it is lower, it’s also way less work to just draw a thin black brush across them.

  8. TheJankmaster says:

    awesome awesome awesome shirt.

    Should have painted a big lizard for this vid.

  9. definitelymaybe31 says:

    Thanks Atom I have no idea why I’ve not thought of this. This tip and your wet palette tip have really helped!

  10. Victor Ques says:

    Good tip, I follow same process, too.

  11. Stephen Thompson says:

    Great explanation. The audio quality on your videos is excellent.

  12. James Wright says:

    Somebody do “skin” super-cut of this video TIA.

  13. Rob's Hobbys says:

    great tip!!

  14. auslov says:

    So, question for you- if I’m painting a Tau battlesuit commanders legs, I paint the legs black before I paint the armor on the legs blue?

    That would save time.

  15. Alamana Rolo says:

    Best tip. Really, thank you!

  16. dunk1978banker says:

    Really thoroughly enjoy this series well explained! Thanks for taking the time to share.

  17. pim says:

    Thanks for this very useful tip! I’m usually always at a loss when painting minis, I do a little bit here and there based on what color looks good at a certain area and just go at it. Because of this, I usually spend a lot of time just trying to tidy it up in the end. Please do more pro tips, I’m really enjoying your channel!

  18. Julian Lee says:

    JEEBUSSS!!! I didn’t think of that…Thanks….

  19. Utushalla sork says:

    hell , it’s on so many obvious things that should be clear to everyone !!! But for some reason I did not think about them before watching this video … thanks for the video = )

  20. Steven Phythian says:

    Great Pro Tip. Having insight to techniques that are foundational is awesome!

    New Follower,


  21. Mike 95 says:

    Great Dead Milkmen Shirt:)

  22. Mike Canney says:

    Love the Dead Milkmen shirt!

  23. Jack Stead says:

    love your videos man,thanks for giving us a fresh perspective on our hobby

  24. Justin Morgan says:

    But… Exactly the same issue applies in reverse. Then i get tshirt on my face, and sweater on my tshirt.

  25. Zandos Dwarf-King says:

    And if I paint face first, and then when painting tshirt I make a mistake and I put a white paint on face, then what?

  26. Sasha Naronin says:

    YEp. For example, I paint my Space Marines helmet eyes while still on sprues. Then I cut them out, remove weld seams and paint the rest.

  27. Mil-Spec Ogre says:

    Whats funny is I am nowhere near a pro but have been painting minis since I got my first HeroQuest set (still have it and play it) and I have painting them in layers. Just like when photoshop or painting a picture I always start with the first layer (closest to the skin) first. After the skin obviously. So what you are talking about would be considered painting layers.

  28. 2 ALDREDZ says:

    I usually paint the largest areas first but dis has changed my mind

  29. Shane Pelcha says:

    This is the first time I have committed on a YouTube video. Greetings from the bayou country of South Louisiana. Thank you for posting this video you totally turned on a light bulb in my head and saved me so much time lol.

  30. Emil Iversen says:

    Great tip which should work 98% of the times. In the case you mentioned with “string bikini armour” or very thin bracelets and such my experience is however that it can be easier to start with those protruding, but very thin, parts and then do the larger areas under. Too some extent it may be so that starting with the small or fiddly parts is best, which often means the eyes, skin and lower layers.

  31. Mini Warpaint Demon says:

    Very simplistic concept, but common sense, why didnt I think of this

  32. Red Horse says:

    I personally never completely assemble a model and then paint it. I paint as I go. So a Space Marine for instance gets the legs glued down, then painted and yes I follow the inside out method described here. After the legs I glue on the torso and paint the torso. Before gluing on the arms I paint the portions of the arm that are up next to the torso because you won’t be able to get to them with a brush effectively, if at all, after assembly. I then paint the lower portion of the helmet before gluing the head on. I paint the part of the backpack that is up next to the torso before gluing it on. If you fully assemble a mini and then try to paint, it will not look as good as it does if you paint as you go along because there will be too much detail you just can’t get a brush to but which is still visible. This does have the effect of taking longer to paint your minis but they look much better. For me, collecting and painting the minis is 60% of the hobby.

  33. Tantum says:

    Uncle Adam are you a photographer??

  34. SingerinEX says:

    This is very handy when u collect skaven aka trillions of clanrats

  35. latro says:

    This is true, except for the trim on chaos space marines you do that first its outside in and the armour gets on the trim and inside out the trim gets tagged

    its loose loose 😀

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