Painting En Plein Air – TOP TIPS for a successful scene!

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6 Responses to Painting En Plein Air – TOP TIPS for a successful scene!

  1. Maria Woolrich says:

    Great video, yes keen to get out there now to paint our beautiful New Zealand.

  2. Francis Caviani says:

    Real professional! I try to paint but I am not too good. After seeing you I am quitting painting. I am never happy with my paintings.

  3. Francis Caviani says:

    I used to play the trumpet and after hearing Rafael Mendez, i decided that I wil never be any good. Same with painting. I try but nothing happens. I have Parkinson’s and can,t do much of anything anymore. I am giving up. I believe that God gives talent. He missed me. I have no talent. You are what I would like to be.

  4. Ethan Coleman says:

    Hey Andrew I have a question I’m planning on buying brushes from because I’m starting to really get into painting and wanted to know good brushes I know you use ones from rosemary and co and was wondering if the ones Kevin Hill sells are good brushes or if you suggest others. By the way I loved the video as always

  5. Sandor Mezei says:

    Hi Andrew, you are one of the greatest talents of our time. You are painting wonderful pictures. Do you work with pastel chalk or pencil? I’d love to see you like this. I would like to have some more pleasant painting and relaxation.

    Sincerely, Sandor

  6. Maxime Casavant says:

    Andrew,those morning paintings are always a delight,such as yours,thanks for those notes you give us.

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