Painting & decorating. How to shape a paint brush, ,Trade secrets.

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  1. graeme wright says:

    Do you sell these brushes can you give me more info 

  2. John Jarvis says:

    Well I thought it was a bristle brush, turned out to be nylon! oops.

  3. Jim Tomlinson says:

    Never trimmed a brush in my life. Just have a conveyor belt. New brushes
    for rough/big areas ’til they’re shaped then for detail gloss etc. 

  4. macplastering says:

    I might try this on few brushes I have had for a while that don’t seem to
    be wearing in good even when they have been used to wash down door frames
    from the sand and cement I like a nice shaped brush as they great to clean
    the plaster from angles

  5. Kev B says:

    well done, someone who knows how to adapt tools, don’t find this skill
    anymore these days

  6. wallingtonfilming The Candle man says:


  7. Jenny Mcculloch says:

    Thanks so much. Very good of you to share this.

  8. Edward Williams says:

    Who’s this beta clown, great tips thanks for sharing

  9. mick falvey says:

    why dont the manufacturers just make these or do they?

  10. Daniel Thompson says:

    Helpful! Thanks.

  11. gary24752 says:

    What is the purpose of doing this to a brush?

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