Painting & decorating. How to gloss skirting boards, , Trade secrets.

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  1. Craigs Garden Maintenance says:

    All people saying to stir paint before pouring … Dulux paint says do not
    stir or shake prior to use, perhaps you should read the tins!!??

  2. michael lineker says:

    How long after glossing the skirting board do you remove the masking tape

  3. charles cornock says:

    Great Video Totally agree with using a paint kettle. But for different
    reasons. I understand grit and dust is a serious issue but if you have a
    powerful hoover and the rooms are clean before using the gloss there should
    be no bits or dust in the gloss. Also what happens if you do get bits in
    your gloss in paint ketlle do you just discard that paint kettle with the
    gloss in? Or do you filter it before returning it to the gloss tin? Not
    having a go at all looking at your work I can see you know what you are
    doing and can create a high standard of finish for new build property`s
    even when the previous trades have made your life hard. I currently work in
    occupied houses. I spend alot of time covering surfaces and removing
    furniture am very interested in working on these new build houses.
    Especially after in one of your previous videos you mentioned a figure of
    900 quid per week. I am only on £600 doing day rate work.I am thinking
    price work on sites might be the way forward financially. I am fully
    qualified decorator level 2 nvq. But took a few years out just got back
    into it this year. I appreciate your time saving videos.

  4. Joe Teds says:

    Blatantly on day work :-)

  5. Joshua Hooper says:

    What sanding do you do In the new plots mate? Do you rubdown before and
    after undercoating?

  6. Ksnraju Kanumuri says:

    vccwtyb ghi

  7. Philip IV says:

    Great video. Also agree with the use of a paint kettle. Love these . . . .
    sorry not spamming but they just make it so easy and no clean up

  8. shortpants 82 says:

    hi bud, just a quick question, did you caulk or do you caulk before
    glossing and painting?

  9. Mud Muddy says:

    Try not pouring then paint all over the COSHH and manufacturer instructions
    on the tin would be a ideal tip for new and upcoming painters

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