Painting a Metal Roof. Painting with an airless paint sprayer.

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27 Responses to Painting a Metal Roof. Painting with an airless paint sprayer.

  1. Rick Taylor says:

    Great video (as usual). Any reason why you didn’t use an extension wand on
    the gun? I know you save your back (as I do) as much as you can.

  2. generalroof says:

    what kind of machine you use? an airless machine? an air compressor? nice

  3. Simon Briggs says:

    Is the paint your useing water based or oil?

  4. derwoodjmesser says:

    This looks easy enough on flat roof. With a pitched roof it would certainly
    be more challenging, but I am glad to see it can be done. BTW – they guy
    doing the spraying should definitely be wearing a mask at the very least.

  5. Mariano Espinoza says:

    Good job!!!

  6. The Idaho Painter says:

    Thank you.

  7. Christine C says:

    Enjoyed the video. Good job. You make it look easy.

  8. Mike King says:

    Nice job Chris. My friend who lives in central Oregon was talking just the
    other day about maybe painting his metal roof, so this well done video is
    very helpful. Is the process the same for keeping the roof the same color?
    I assume the primer helps the paint adhere to the metal? Thanks.

  9. The Idaho Painter says:

    Yes it does. Thanks for watching our videos. If you have found our videos
    helpful, you can donate to the making of new videos. Send any donations to
    PayPal at my email listed on my channel. We thank you very much for any
    donations. Don’t forget to “like” us “share” us and “subscribe” to our
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  10. COW HORSE Saddlery says:

    Thanks for the info. : )

  11. cwrowe says:

    Do you own that lift or did you rent it?

  12. GameSpoilerz says:

    When you guys were priming and shooting over the roof edge arent you
    worried about that paint and priming getting all over the side of the
    building or the wind carrying it? Seems risky

  13. fuzzy2i says:

    like watching your videos…very useful and helpful tips

  14. pbaylis1 says:

    Just painted a roof using a quality paint. 517 tip @ 2200 PSI. Weather was
    very sunny and hot. Finish came out very grainy and overspray settled
    everywhere. Steam rose from paint after every pass, indicating the heat.
    Any idea what went wrong?

  15. Jordan says:

    Hi can you recommend something for Aluminum ?
    this roof is Aluminum older paint still on some areas

  16. jufepo says:

    How much you can charge per sq ft

  17. Saan Koenig says:

    I really like your demos, but you should get an extension for your spay
    gun, its faster and saves your back.

  18. John Jones says:

    Thank you for all your painting videos. You’ve made painting look easy, and
    I enjoy watching them. I have a shipping container that I would like to
    Would you let me know the product number and/or the sales numbers of the
    primer and paint from Sherwin Williams (My local Sherwin Williams salesman
    could not find the DMT enamel water base that you listed)?
    I really appreciate your help.

  19. mark hulcher says:

    Help! I’m in Deltaville, VA and can’t find anyone that can paint my
    roof… you know anyone in my area that can assist me???

  20. charles hart says:

    roto tip on steel roof? nice swirl marks. speed of the tip to slow anyway
    (not enough gpm)
    white primer really? tints are cheap. when the black chips out, nice bird
    poop look.
    for the love of Bob Ross man, invest in a 3 foot pole gun (WITH SWIVEL)
    310 tip? 412FINE FINISH. RAC X
    whats the dry film thickness of your final produce?
    Likely, since 2012 when this video was shot, you may do things differently .
    i do however appriciate the fact that you are out there doin it.

  21. Abu7929 says:

    That’s interesting, we use acrylics here in Australia. Good for concrete
    tiles, but for metal I’v never liked it, enamel seems like common sense.
    Comes down to cost I guess, doing a whole roof in enamel would cost a
    fortune. What’s the durability like?

  22. Abu7929 says:

    When I say acrylic, I think you guys call it latex, meaning it’s thick and
    flexible water based paint, applied with a 517 at minimum, upto about a 525

  23. goldsmithstudent says:

    Bond flex is a great product from SW

  24. kevin bell says:

    painter with20 yrs experience lately having trouble using dtm on roofs with
    flashing even at 72 deg why is it not uniform coverage last 2 years, any
    one else notice?

  25. mcconn746 says:

    I use an extension on my sprayer. It is a lot easier than bending over that
    much but after watching your video, I have to wonder if there may be some
    quality issue from using it? Is there any reason you do not? Thanks.

  26. Druggist says:

    Would it be the same process if a metal roof has already been painted? Use
    primer, or just powerwash and apply paint?

  27. alwaysrockn2009 says:

    Looks great. Awesome video and thanks for displaying all the products you
    were using on this project. That really helps. Thanks Chris!

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