Paint Sprayer Tip Information. Airless spray tips and when to use them.

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22 Responses to Paint Sprayer Tip Information. Airless spray tips and when to use them.

  1. Devilskiss says:

    chris , just a sudjestion , i think if you demonstrate how to fit clean and
    use the tips would make the vid more interesting 

  2. infantino76 says:

    Chris, what are your thoughts about spraying over vinyl siding? What tips
    would you use, different spraying techniques, etc.

  3. Frank says:

    Chris, to spray fine finish you still use a 60 mesh gun filter? for
    spraying baseboards 10″ what tip would you use ( meaning 1 stoke or
    several). Do you have tips on how store your tips.

  4. chaneylia says:

    How do you clean the tips, especially if some of the latex paint has dried
    on, in or around the tip orifice? Also, can I use a 310 tip even if the
    paint recommends .15-.19?

  5. Joe Keith says:

    Like the bike.

  6. RRBTZ says:

    Hi Chris, thanks so much for “REAL” advise! I have been a drywall
    contractor for many years up in Canada, and we are getting more and more
    requests to take on painting contracts as well and appreciate your sound

  7. jsanchez195 says:

    Hi Chris, I just got a graco project painter plus and i wanted to spray
    some water based polyurathane. what tip would you recommend.

  8. Joshua Kirstein says:

    Hi Chris, I just bought a Graco paint sprayer and after one use and
    cleaning The tip feels loose in the tip guard and it will not stop back
    spraying. Any idea or ever encounter this problem?

  9. Stephen Kanka says:

    Hi Chris, Just got a Graco LTS 17 to shoot my single story 1880sqft home
    exterior, and Kitchen cabinet white. Tips and extensions you recommend for
    this first timer? I’ll purchase theses from your store of course… Thx!

  10. John Hughes says:

    Great vid , Chris, , does ur store ship to uk? Post site for ur store ,

  11. Ron Naida says:

    Thanx for the info Chris. I’m flying down to FL to paint my father’s house
    for him (stucco) and plan on using Behr elastomeric stucco paint. I’ll have
    to rent an airless and have a Titan LX80 gun with some tips. Never painted
    stucco- what tip do you recommend? Should I just stick to rolling vs
    renting a sprayer?

  12. Mike Nobles says:

    Hey Chris… I have a 390pc sprayer and its 3months old and it keeps
    clogging at the gun tip … I cleaned the sprayer after every use. Any
    suggestions on what could be wrong. I cleaned the tips,inlet ball, inlet
    filter, everything :(

  13. Flores Tista says:

    hello how can l paint the walls if the trim is done

  14. Flores Tista says:

    Thank you my friend

  15. Jeff Zahnd says:

    thanks for the advise!

  16. Deepbelow says:

    Absolute cancer

  17. Rafael rojas what tips you recomended for cilling?? says:

    what tips is recomended for cilling??

  18. olga santos says:

    can i use a titan 417 tip for ceilings

  19. juan rodriguez says:

    Thanks buddy

  20. juan rodriguez says:

    I liked the 310 you right finished for gutters and doors the 312 works
    great to and 517 i used most the time for stucco and just i adjust the

  21. Doug Webre says:

    Wish you had a mic or were closer to the camera. Can barely hear you.
    Good info though.

  22. Edward Jonatzke says:

    What iis the other side of the tip used for in a reversible tip

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