Paint Roller Tips/Tricks/Secrets

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  1. Muaathe Aziz says:

    Many thanks for this demo, may I ask about hoe much water should added to
    the paint to get good results ,starting from the first layer

  2. Pah Tryk says:

    hello, i started using the 1/2 colossus and cant figure out two things. 1.
    is there a specific side i should put the roller on. 2. every so often the
    nap isnt fluffy while painting and looks like a completely flat nap. Is
    that due to not having enough paint on the roller ?

  3. Wayne Tadlock says:

    AMEN, Bro. Been laying on that way for years. Too many novices try to save
    on paint. Please, folks, don’t “thin” it. It’s that way for a reason.
    Adjust your technique, not the coating. btw; I take 2 or 3 cardboard boxes
    apart at the seam & place them along the wall. The longer the strip, the
    better. It keeps masking paper up tight, not under foot, It’s cheap,
    portable, and the edge of my drop cloth doesn’t foul. <

  4. Rick Carter says:

    LOL @good workout!

  5. MrCiammurro says:

    Thanks for your tips from a ”seasoned” PRO !!! Unbeliavable the idiots who
    post video with “tips” just making things harder !!! If they would just
    watch vids like this and learn before “teaching” … but they’re just after
    collecting viewers and attention , wasting my precious time* when I’m
    trying to get something done “saving” time* ! …like : better using a tray
    instead of a bucket grid … gimme a break ! Maybe for 1 cabinet door or 1
    side table … and I would still use my 1 gal. bucket grid !! (cheap,
    washable and reusable !)

  6. Enrique Hernandez says:

    who ever uses a one inch nap you must be crazy dude what you painting

  7. pbaylis1 says:

    I like the idea of not using any letter of the alphabet, but that heavy nap
    is likely to leave way too much texture on a normal wall (that one is
    textured I think). And one of the problems of using a 5 gallon bucket is
    that only a certain maximum roller width will fit in it. A Wooster 14″ or
    Wide Boy will never fit in that bucket. You can get wider buckets, but
    another reason for not using a bucket and grid is that you’re using an
    awkward unnatural reverse-handed digging motion to get paint onto the
    roller, whereas a tray gives you a more natural sweeping motion as well as
    keeping paint off the frame.

  8. MrBreyet1 says:

    Of course, pulling the paint straight from a bucket means you won’t be
    using a larger roller. If I’m doing a large interior area the same color
    than I want a 14 or 18 in. roller. Bucket is no good for that. You can get
    a deep roller pan that holds a lot of paint and if you position it
    strategically you won’t be moving it that much. And besides, the average
    homeowner watching YouTube videos on painting techniques isn’t going to be
    buying paint 5 gallons at a time or pouring a gallon or two into an empty

  9. dan d says:

    25+ years using a brush and roller. if your painting a room at home use a
    pan. for a commerical/big jobs use a 5 gal bucket and a grid. anyone who
    thinks a bucket and grid is sloppy or slow should go back to working at mc
    donalds. large pans arnt for everyone, they hold about 1/2- 3/4s of a gal
    of paint, i’d like to see you pick that up with out making a mess. pans are
    faster? not even close. after being trained to use a bucket youll never use
    a pan again. and dont clean rollers, roll them in paint then rap it in a
    plastic bag, it will keep for weeks.

  10. Fadi Abdo says:

    Am sorry to tell you the roller is wrong and the every technic you spoke
    about is wrong and the painting is messy . This work is a mess really .

  11. Jacob Lee says:

    The letter you are rolling is called the letter W. Lots of Ws, then even it
    out, move bucket, repeat Ws…

  12. B McSue says:

    I don’t under stand why painters show others how to paint soon they will
    have no work

  13. Eric Huntington says:

    Wow, I think I need to “unlearn” everything I always heard about using a
    roller. Thanks!

  14. Mynor Flores says:

    thank you very informative

  15. Mynor Flores says:

    any tips on painting a ceiling or is it same process as the walls

  16. Michael Chavez says:

    “If a big blob of paint falls and you step on it and then step off, guess
    where it’s going to end up”. Where is it going to end up? On your shoe?
    Will it go through the cloth?

  17. mittby says:

    Looks like a mop!!!

  18. Tal Shmaya says:

    Thanks! really helpful! what’s the best way to get rid of that texture on
    the walls to have a smooth wall?

  19. Marc Cosgrove says:

    Thanks very very helpful….Will def use Purdy Col rollers from now
    on…..I see it doesn’t drip from bucket to wall as much

  20. LindaLuxable says:

    I like how you were concise.

  21. Larry Tuliao says:

    nice vide,now I have to tell my friends not W,X, just straight up.i I
    gree,bec.the more we waste of paint. & time…

  22. JH says:

    I have to say that..
    1. Its to small of a job to use a bucket instead of a tray.
    2. In my opinion when you use that thick of a roller the walls seem to get
    texture. I use smooth rollers for smooth walls (2 coats of course).
    3. Good luck!

  23. David Fleming says:

    Thanks, really simple teaching!

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