Oil Painting Starter Kit

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22 Responses to Oil Painting Starter Kit

  1. Kathleen Domingo says:

    Please make a video painting tutorial using pebeo oil paints! 🙂

  2. Createful Art says:

    Your faces make me laugh. 🙂 Loving your videos.

  3. Unapologeticmoi says:

    thank you

  4. Chochis Cantu says:

    hi I have a question what will Happen if i dont use linseed oil when I paint ?

  5. Steve Forbes says:

    I’m a beginner so I’m watching lots of vids on oil painting. I have that same easel and I make it more sturdy by laying 3 or 4 encyclopedia Britannica books on the back legs. They’re big and heavy and NEVER used anymore! lol. Your part of this video with the dog cracked me up! Been watching a bunch of your videos, thanks for all the info. I need it.

  6. Serenity Crystal says:

    Hello! I wanted to ask if using georgian oil paints without ventilation is a good idea. I am not using any solvents

  7. Everything about art says:

    nice . can u tell me how you make this video . any editor etc

  8. Ravi Gutha says:

    Which medium is good for oil paint to last longer

  9. Captain Farhan says:

    U r the Best! 😉

  10. Aaron Sanchez says:

    Very helpful description! Thank you

  11. Cieara Shaw says:

    your videos are so helpful! you’re great as well! im new to oil paint and it seems so confusing compared to watercolor and acrylic im used to! you make it so easy to understand what i need to start out and why.thank you! ♡

  12. Minh Le says:

    are you married?

  13. MirandaBff Hsiao says:

    I should have look up videos like this before I buy the supplies! You helped me a lot and I am soon starting oil painting, I subscribed, also like a your video. Thanks! 🙂

  14. king says:

    what are the alternatives to turpentine ?

  15. Jeremy Espinosa says:

    I help with something

  16. βικαѕн Pαηdα says:

    nice I like it

  17. Anubha Shrivastava says:

    so helpful! thankyou

  18. Niezl Lynn Grace Sy says:

    This has been very helpful, however i also heard about leenseed oil being used with oil paint. How does that differ from turpentine or turpenoid?

  19. Karen Spooner says:

    Do you use the lavender oil as a medium..how long would it take the paint to dry when mixing with it..?

  20. Cnmono says:

    hi, I bought a wood pallet the other day. I realise i don’t know if its used for acrylic or oil. and how to clean it? or if i should clean it in the first place. lol. ty in advance!

  21. honey bee says:

    which paper use for oil painting?

  22. Azhan Rabbani says:

    how did you learn all of these things?

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