oil painting palettes and what is the best color palette (OilPaintingWorkshop.com)

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  1. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thank you for your words and appreciation 1019drummer! I hope you enjoy all
    the tips!

  2. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thank you for your appreciation katiagreece! I hope you enjoy the other
    tips as well! 

  3. A Irizarry says:

    Hello Sir, I am so excited to run across your videos on you tube, I am
    unable to get your videos(for financial reasons not because I do not wish
    to) but will look at all that is available on here. I love the way you
    explain everything. It is wonderfull that you having achieved success are
    willing to share your knowledge in this fashion. I just subscribed to you
    and when receive your email will send you a sample of my amateur attempt 🙂
    Thank you and God Bless You please continue to share. 

  4. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thank you airizarry12! I appreciate your comment and am happy you feel that
    way! Thank you and if possible, share what you have learned as well as
    these videos to your artist friends! Thanks!

  5. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thanks lovelife2393! Looking forward to seeing your paintings! 

  6. OrangeJackson says:

    Thanks for the video, subscribed! 

  7. aaronh8588 says:

    guess its true.. great minds do think alike..no that my mind is great but
    just saying the post note technique i found myself doing as well.. just
    need to work on my neatness of writing hhaha sometimes i cant understand my
    own writing in the heat of that “aha” moment .. awesome and very
    informative videos…thank you very much . now if you excuse me i have more
    of your videos to watch and learn .

  8. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thanks for your comment aaronh. I appreciate your kind words. I appreciate
    your enthusiasm of watching my other videos as well. Thanks again.

  9. CyanideSweetTooth says:

    Not having my stuff set up is why I never feel like painting because it
    takes so much time to set up!

  10. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment AYisOC. I see, well there are other tips
    videos on how to set up stuff before painting however, when it comes down
    to it, it would always depend on your personal preference. One step at a
    time plus mind-setting and eventually you’d get faster each time you do so.
    Thanks again AYisOC, take care and happy new year.

  11. enlightened58 says:

    Great video Dan. Me and the wife have already come up with pretty much the
    same studio setup as you to add ease and speed to getting right to the
    paint process lol. Some differences are I use a 16 by 12 glass palette
    which I tape freezer paper over, makes cleanup a breeze. I have a stainless
    steel tattoo tray on wheels that has an extendable base to adjust height
    that holds the palette perfectely. I find this works perfectly for me. I do
    have my paints on the side but my art chair swivels:)

  12. enlightened58 says:

    Thanks for the wood box paint preserver, great idea. And anyone with minor
    carpentry skills can build one for cheap. I think I will make one for my
    pallets to store away as having alot of good paint dry on me while I’m
    working has been a problem. I also like the large glass palette you use,
    some day perhaps my studio room will be big enough to move to a larger
    palette size. Currently two artist’s squeezed in a 15 by 12 room with 3
    easels, racks of paint etc I’m at my space limit lol.

  13. enlightened58 says:

    Yes I found out about the notes the first time I had to mix certain colors
    to get the right one on a painting that 6 month’s later when I went back to
    it I couldn’t remember what colors I mixed to achieve the effect lol. 

  14. DeeJayDexx says:

    @xcvbqcu yep i agree. nobody can believe about this quickly. Listen, i
    really ddnt expect that maybelline will send me the mascara without any
    dime. if you wanna try just try now : bit.ly/ZTQY9q?=kolmws

  15. Sue O'Sullivan says:

    Right now my studio is also my living room and I do set up and take down
    almost daily. Love the idea of turning the garage into a studio, not sure I
    can convince my fiance that the 69 Mustang belongs out in the snow though
    😉 I am presently doing your Still life series in acrylics but will
    definitely use your palette advice once I switch to oils. Love the program
    so far, Cheers.

  16. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thank you for leaving a comment Sue, i appreciate your kind words. Thanks
    for liking my program. Cheers.

  17. Sunshines' Shadow (Angel Grimes) says:

    I found your page by mistake, how wonderful. You & I both take notes for
    ideas & use a glass palette for our color. Watercolor I use a palette with
    the wells & a cover. Everyday I spray a little water on the colors to keep
    them wet & ready when I am. I like the freezer idea too. I used to clean my
    area every time I was done painting, then I didn’t feel like painting at
    all. That’s when I left them on the palette kept them moist with water &
    the next day all I did was get out my paper. 

  18. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thank you for spending the time to leave a comment here Redskin. I
    appreciate that. Thanks for sharing your insights as well. This would also
    help other artists. Great. Thanks and take care Redskin.

  19. lelouch_karmen says:

    I just got a great ideaam using to sve the exrta paint on the palette and
    hs tocover theinter palette with the blactic niylon covinrthim slightly,
    and you can get backto it any time andyou’ll find it ready and oily foryou
    to us, am big fan of not wasting any art suppliy cox they usually are too
    expensive..to waste and thanks fro the amazing tips they saved me alot.

  20. Steves Channel says:

    Im gonna start to try painting soon (never done it before) and i wud just
    like to know what the name of the paints are from left to right? Thanks!

  21. Nano Taboada says:

    Thanks much for the advice Daniel!

  22. Not Known says:

    Your scraper is making a face at the camera :)

  23. Not Known says:

    What Daniel said in this video is spot on. My ‘studio’, a small room in a
    modular home, with poor lighting, is cramped and uncomfortable as it is,
    but ….. the man reason I’ve struggled to create any real number of works
    is that (because of limited space and not necessarily the correct
    equipment) I’m having to set up a palette each time I want to paint, and
    then break it down.

  24. Not Known says:

    Does your palette scraper have a name?

  25. Anne Murdock says:

    I thought this was a great video ! Thank You . A question about the glass
    palette, do you have something behind it like paper so you can see the
    colors better ? 

  26. Oaktree Lady says:

    I use glass palettes for my watercolor. I found that the solid white
    “Counter Saver” by Corning is wonderful. It’s pure white, easy to
    completely clean and has rubber feet. I have a small one for travel and a
    big one for the studio. I don’t like to mix on anything but glass because
    plastic and acrylic always puddles strangely and stains. I’m weird for a
    watercolorist, so I’m glad to hear about all the different ways I can
    create a traveling palette that will keep the palette from getting smeared
    when I put it away. Thanks for the video! 

  27. Cam Farr says:

    Thanks for all the information!

  28. iSenso says:

    Hi Daniel thx for the tutorial i’m new to oil paint and i’m wondering
    how long can oilpaint last or stay on your pallet glass before it dry’s out?
    and if u paint daily, do u prefer to refresh you paint daily or can u use
    the paint from the day before.

  29. ShotDownInFlames2 says:

    So true about the Barriers to painting, keep talking about that, it’s more
    important than even color theory or composition. Thanks, great video.

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