Oil Painting Basics

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  1. Barbosa Art says:

    very informative

  2. Mehr Kothaneth says:

    Awesome vid it really helped

  3. Brooklyn Neubert says:

    this was soooo helpful thanks! I’ve been trying to find a video like this
    for a while.

  4. Radja Lingga says:

    why you so pink? are you paint your self? :[

  5. Xavier Cadena says:

    Awesome! You should make some more oil painting videos! :)

  6. MrVibriocholerae says:

    Very informative video, covered all my questions! :)

  7. Ronan Hurley says:

    Great advice thank you :-)

  8. Julia Berntsson art says:

    oh thanks <3

  9. Brandy Bobo says:

    Where do you get rid of your rags or how do you get rid of your rags?

  10. Thunder Bash says:

    Great video as I have really no knowledge of oil paints tx!

  11. Wayne Tarlton says:

    Great information. Thank you.

  12. Xinyue Miao says:

    It’s really helpful (≧∇≦)thanks a lot!

  13. SleeplessPanda says:

    what’s the cheapest medium I can use ’cause I just want to try it out

  14. 王寒冰 says:

    it’s good for the beginners

  15. Createful Art says:

    Great video. I like how you laid out all the info.

  16. Sayuri Fujita says:

    Thank you! I have been painting acrylic, watercolor, and gouache. I want to
    try oil. but the hazardous waste is kinda alarming

  17. atykduzt1 says:

    ahhhhhh .. painting is supposed to make me happpppppyy.. its making me
    crazy….. my colours mix on the canvas.. my brushes suck.. i used the
    wrong stuff everywhere.. ahhhhh….

  18. ‫قناة محترف‬‎ says:

    جداااا جميل good good good good lm huppy

  19. Jane Mulraney says:

    hi Carol. I have just decided to do my first oil colour painting. I had
    watched many tutorials and was under the impression that putting on a layer
    of base paint was only used to add more debth and I thought some artists
    only applied linseed oil to the canvas before starting to paint. however, I
    just watched your tutorial on oil painting basics. it says that if you
    don’t put a layer of some sort of primer on first that the oil paint will
    eat through the canvas or material your painting on. if this is true i
    should just throw my painting away now as I did not use a primer I just
    coated the canvas in linseed oil. what do you think ?

  20. Tiffany Mixon says:

    Thanks for the tip on how to clean paint brushes oil using a tennis ball. I
    actually called the city where I reside for toxic disposal and the mineral
    spirit, who advised to use cheap kitty litter. If this helps any.
    Thanks for the imperative details, you can never learn too much.
    : )

  21. Sarosh N says:

    really nice work! i actually just uploaded my first painting video; its on
    how to paint raindrops! check it out? :)

  22. azeem ashraf vm says:

    can i use kerosene??

  23. Halsey Is Bae says:

    You’re so cool

  24. Jane Mulraney says:

    Thankyou Carol.

  25. naser naser says:

    hi do u have a facebook page on snap???

  26. Roseheartworks2013 says:

    Thank you this is very helpful

  27. Kritika Farhin says:

    where should I throw the used solvent and papers containing linseed oil

  28. Kritika Farhin says:

    can u show steps of using oil paint

  29. Pat Colgate says:

    How long do oil paintings last. I’d hard some for a long time, over three
    years and now they dry too quickly on the convas. Does that means they are
    too old? If a canvas is pre treated with gesso, does it need to be treated
    again before beginning/

  30. My Panda Paints says:

    To people new to oil painting, when she says completely dry in a few days,
    she means dry to the touch. Since oil paints dry by oxidation, they take
    anywhere from 6 months to a year to completely dry. Also, do not use dish
    soap to wash your brushes. Dish soap is extremely bad for your brushes.

  31. leandroh00 says:

    thank you so much for all tips ;)

  32. joshman501 says:

    What are the advantages of painting with oil paint? It seems like more of a
    nuisance than acrylic since it dries so slow, but I’m new to painting so I
    don’t know.

  33. Maria Iscool says:

    she kind of looks like rebecca sugar haha

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