Masking Windows Fast. How to use a painters hand masker.

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  1. branden bush says:

    good video I tend to turn to your videos when I have any questions when I
    have a spraying project I’ve been painting about 12 years and I run my own
    successful painting business Envisions Painting here in PA a lot of the
    guys I worked for in the past were mostly against spraying so we brushed
    and rolled I worked for a guy for a few years where we did a lot of
    commercial property’s advanced auto dollar generals ect but anyway I’ve
    been getting more and more exterior projects and been spraying a lot more
    and good to have your videos to look to for advice I wish I was closer I’d
    enjoy doing couple jobs with you to get some spraying experience

  2. paintworx says:

    Hi , just saying hello from australia

  3. Kevin Dykstra says:

    Great help……thanks for your time

  4. Leslie Graham says:

    Thats the way I do it but I use a very sharp 1inch paint scraper to cut the
    tape because it’s easy to cut the tape that couple of millimetres in from
    the frame and keep it exactly in line with the tape underneath.

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