Masking Tips For Use When Using A Paint Sprayer. Spraying interior trim work.

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  1. Daniel Garbuzov says:

    last house I painted i had a huge problem, what happened was when I sprayed
    the trims and after I masked the trims and sprayed the walls I started to
    take off the masking tape and paper off the trims and a majority of the
    trim paint came off with the tape. what do you think the problem is? I’m
    thinking it’s a thin layer of trim paint.

  2. Juan Lerma says:

    Latex paints on trimwork makes me sick to my stomach oil base paint isn’t
    messy if you know how to deal with it makes everything look so much better
    longer lasting and 10 times glossier than Latex semi gloss

  3. Simon Huss says:

    un-real in the UK we paint trim work by brush-roller, spray walls out 1st
    then ceilings and cut back in, how longs it take to mask a job like this?
    great video, shown it to all my work mates here in he UK

  4. tgp7201 says:

    Where are the masking tips? This is just spray painting with no
    instructions about anything. This video is entertainment value, at best…
    offers nothing for the DIYer. Why would I want to just watch a guy spray

  5. Artur Chkuaseli says:

    Great Videos! Quick question about the french doors upstairs. Did you only
    have to paint them from one side? And do you go back and just touch up the
    edges? Thank you you for your videos and sharing your experience.

  6. Ryan Wong says:

    Hey nice job. What size tip is that?

  7. Cristian Roman says:

    I’m a fairly good painter (handyman with lots of brush and roller
    experience) and now I’m learning and buying tools to get into spraying.
    Corect me if I’m wrong….but i keep seeing you wiping the gun when you
    reach the end of the run. By doig that you change the distance between the
    gun and the surface and also the paint spray angle resulting in a non
    consistent coverage. Corect me if I’m wrong. I have seen most of your
    videos. great work.

  8. TonyDracon says:

    what is that brown paper called? does it come in rolls?

  9. Brent Gearhart says:

    huge job…looks great!

  10. Paul Strong says:

    SMH… So much extra time masking errrrrrrrr..Gotta love customers lol.

  11. Reid Guthrie says:

    After taking almost an hour per side per door when brush/rolling trim, I
    know next time I’m renting a sprayer.

  12. Dustin Price says:

    Do you use a 310 tip even if the paint can says its recommended tip is from
    .015 to .017?

  13. anthony seminaro says:

    Do you remember how many days you have needs for this project?? +/- 4
    days?? 2boys??

  14. Antoinette Douglas says:

    you never worry about the paint running, shooting it so close?

  15. mistercodyful says:

    This should not be considered as professional painting.

  16. sweetiepienumber1 says:

    Sweet, love the door brackets.

  17. sweetiepienumber1 says:

    How to you finish the doors you are spraying that are still hung? What’s
    helpful here for new painters, you show that so much of the work is in the
    prep. Golden rule. Thanks.

  18. John Matallana says:

    There is no denying spraying leaves a much cleaner and smoother finish than
    brushes. I like to say it’s a factory finish. How long did it take you to
    mask that entire house though? Great videos, thanks for sharing.

  19. chris montague says:

    how long did it take to mask up the room you we’re spraying ?I want to
    start spraying instead of brush and roller just trying to work out if it is
    much quicker after all that masking?
    what system did you use and masking machine would you recommend info
    please. based in the uk

  20. Sean Ross says:

    How did you stand the doors up down stairs? Looks like you had something in
    between the 2 door down the bottom there…

  21. Wesley Walker says:

    Wow, so much masking. What a pain in the ass

  22. spartanfox says:

    love your work, would love to see how you prep and deal with painting a
    fully furnished house. do you just cram everything to the center of the
    rooms and cover it with plastic?

  23. spartanfox says:

    also if you want some video ideas, make a whole playlist on faux painting
    different styles. you’ll get a lot of views from a different audience and
    most painters still want to learn the different techniques before trying
    them on a job. thanks

  24. b law says:

    How the hell r u shootin latex out a 310 tip?! I thin it down as much as I
    can and dial the pressure I still get constant jams and spits with an 11

  25. Daf says:

    Chris, @ 4:45 you spray the door, but its closed, how do you complete that
    door? i ask because, I just got a Q Tech 21 and have 10 interior doors to
    do, one side, any help would be appreciated fella
    Thanks again

  26. cptrubberpants says:

    Love your vids. Here in Australia, 98% of trim and doors are oil enamel.
    what do you do then? I don’t like using water base undercoat over enamel.
    have never had a good experience with it. Also, when you spray walls and
    leave spray finish without back roll, how do you touch up when sparkies
    (electricians) ding the walls?

  27. Deeword Page says:

    Do you spray trim first then paint walls or the other way around?

  28. cgorm says:

    how long did it take yous to tape up that job nd how many men

  29. Tony rawhouser says:

    OH MY GAWD, that’s some masking. that’s nuts, Would you not paint the trim
    first if you were to start the job and the customer not be so ignorant?

  30. addie2019 says:

    do u have to sand after spaying

  31. alwaysrockn2009 says:

    Why did you decide to use Proclassic instead of Solo? I’ve seen multiple
    Videos using each and you talk about each being a good paint, however, some
    comments were far
    More supportive of Solo.

  32. Austin Tobin says:

    How do you prevent drips and globs when using a sprayer

  33. Scott Visser says:

    So, do you do a fog coat and then a top coat? If so, how long do you wait
    after the fog coat? I am spraying some doors and trim with Pro Classic
    Alkyd Hybrid. Is one coat with 50% overlap sufficient. Do you recommend
    solo or something else?

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