Liquitex Pouring Medium Tips & Painting a Goldfish in Acrylics w/ Lachri

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35 Responses to Liquitex Pouring Medium Tips & Painting a Goldfish in Acrylics w/ Lachri

  1. chajaco69 says:

    I would like your opinion on where to start of I want to learn to draw as well as you do…….I have some creativity but know there is more….. can you make a suggestion?

  2. Frances Riddiough says:

    You explained it all sooo well and clearly…even though it was a the rate of knotts!Beautiful

  3. Gene C says:

    Vous faite ça sur quel support svp

  4. Deepika Banerjee says:

    love ur wat is the white liquid u spilled on canvas before the blue one.

  5. Chelsea Lomandra says:

    pouring medium is the bee’s knees! love it

  6. Arlene Shermam says:

    Are you using the pouring medium in the paint used for the fish? So beautiful!

  7. Malin Davidsson says:

    Absolutly stunning, finally inspired to give my pouring medium another try.

  8. Annie Feng says:

    How many layers of varnish do you usually apply?

  9. Sharlea2 says:

    Hi! The little holes that develop are called cells. A lot of liquid acrylic artists try hard to get those in their paintings!

  10. Sharlea2 says:

    I love your videos,they’re a big help in my portrait work!

  11. Michael Braudis says:

    You’re videos are really helpful!

  12. Smith Tech Crazy says:

    Hello. Love this technique better than resin for projects, however it is unclear how the canvas was prepped. Please explain the canvas prep in detail. Thanks for sharing!

  13. kathleen strode says:

    very,very nice…you’re a wonderful talent..thank you

  14. ArtByCRiley says:

    I’m about to have my first attempt at pouring medium finally! Question is…how did you transfer your goldfish line art to the piece? Did you just use white transfer paper?

  15. Julie Morin_art says:

    Hi, thank you for the video it’s very helpful and you achieved a beautiful, beautiful result! Just a question, do you know if I could use the Liquitex pouring medium as a kind of varnish/coating on TOP of an oil painting? Thank you so much !

  16. RoseKindred says:

    Yours was the first video I found that recommended putting glazing medium in paint when you paint over the pour. Very interesting and informative.

  17. Eric Siebenthal says:

    Stunning..!! Thank you..!

  18. ANN FORLBY says:

    LOVE IT….:)

  19. Jessica Edwards says:

    I love this! It inspired me and I made a painting with liquitex pouring medium that I’m really proud of! 🙂

  20. hovRaunt says:

    Could you have used a spray varnish

  21. Ethel says:

    this is stunning, so beautiful, thank you for the advice too x

  22. Debbie Wessig says:

    You are amazing. Love your art.

  23. Karla González says:

    Me encanta sus vídeos son fabulosos, desde España, Gracias por la información Un saludo Tanks.

  24. Nick Doe says:


  25. Claudette McDermott says:

    I’ve recently gotten into fluid painting and I love that you mixed your brush painting with this. I paint with oil normally so will that work on top of the fluid painting using the pouring medium?? Or does it only work with acrylic paint?

  26. Carlonna Brown says:

    sent it to me! I love it beautiful.

  27. fluffythepuppy08 says:

    this is good tutorial, but a few questions:
    -is that a normal fabric canvas
    -did you torch the resin part? or did you just let it dry?

  28. IGdesigning says:

    Really beautiful painting

  29. nicoleoleoleoleee says:

    This is AMAZING! What colors do you use for the background? I would love to try it out myself!

  30. Alyssa Willis says:

    This is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen .. stunned. New sub xo love this can’t wait to see more !

  31. Jess jms says:

    So pretty!!!

  32. Maria Villarreal says:

    I love it!!!!!!!

  33. Claudia Alexander says:

    Great tute love it!

  34. Mary Scott says:

    I may try this. Thank you very much.

  35. Lori Yugen says:

    awesome video! will definitely will try!

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