Interior Painting Tips. What To Paint First When Painting a Room. DIY walls ceilings or trim?

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  1. BlitzkriegVR6 says:

    l do the same steps. But I like to just edge out tops of base and sides of trim twice. Then tape with yellow frog tape. It saves on dry time and I can go back and work on trim in between ceiling and wall coats or wait until last to pull tape and finish trim then. Keep up the good work! videos are awesome

  2. Ray Mansfield says:

    If your masking your trim after you paint, approximately how long are you waiting before applying tape to the fresh trim paint? Also, what tape are you using, since it seems like you would peel fresh paint with almost any tape?

  3. robert brewster Wilson says:

    I have never painted before. I want to paint a room plus ceiling. My question is . Should I paint the corners and where the wall meets the ceiling first. Then use a roller to do the rest. Could you please paste a video if you have one as mybe I just can’t find it

  4. David Birdno says:

    ceilings walls then trim is how I do my repaints unless the home owner says different I just like seeing and running a line on the wall but if I do my trim first i don’t mask it off when it comes time for the walls me and my guys cut everything clean

  5. Alex Lavrencic says:

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  6. JaIrO JR says:

    Hey i want to be a painter, Do you know how long would it take for me to learn?

  7. Alida Little says:

    Would be so much better to talk why demo. Not helpful.

  8. Travis Gates says:

    you rock!

  9. alwaysrockn2009 says:

    Good video with great tips.
    This is the way I do it for the reasons you mentioned and it works great. Rock on!

  10. john adams says:

    I went to your Amazon store and there was no painting supplies available.

  11. Bazel Robertson says:

    Love it dude

  12. Arie Brion says:

    I just purchased a home and I want to paint the walls and ceilings of my garage and put Rustoleum Rocksolid on the floor. Which one should I do first?

  13. Natasha Souliere says:

    I have this great tip for those of us who cannot cut in or have a terrible time with painter’s tape and getting a clean edge. I saw it on Rachel Ray of all places and have used it in several places and it works great. Clean surface and tape as usual. Before painting use ARTIST GEL MEDIUM that you get at like Michaels or Aaron Brothers. I think it is used to thicken up acrylic paint. You only need a little on your finger or artist paint brush. You are going to put a little on the edge of the painter’s tape and wall. One swoop. Where the two meet. You can be messy just don’t let it be too thick because that will be added texture and another line you don’t want. What the medium does is fill in all the tiny gaps under the tape from the textured wall not going down flush against the wall. It dries almost immediately so by the time you are done putting the medium over all the seems you are ready to paint. Remove tape after painting as usual and revel in the best painting tip ever. CRISP PAINT LINES ON TEXTURED WALLS!!! It is a five minute fix that will make you sooooo happy.

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