Interior Painting Cut-Ins Made Easy. How To Paint A Straight Ceiling Line.

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13 Responses to Interior Painting Cut-Ins Made Easy. How To Paint A Straight Ceiling Line.

  1. carol morgan says:

    Need to practice my trim

  2. tripjet999 says:

    I’ve heard more “prodessional” painters swear they don’t need blue tape
    and/or shields when painting. All that results is a MESS!Proper
    preparation, including blue tape, is a MUST. Painting shields are a MUST to
    make sure paint doesn’t end up where it shouldn’t.And, PUH-LEEZE, wear
    disposable gloves when painting!

  3. Christian Fenech says:

    Just a small question on the topic. If you are painting an area like for
    example a corridor/hallway , a part of the house which will take more
    effort to perform the cutting in. How would you proceed perform all the
    cutting in for the walls and then start painting or perform the task one
    wall at a time (to avoid possible haloing). THanks.

  4. Gary Ritter says:

    Great Job. Thanks for advise. Wow

  5. cj gaming says:

    i like that roller whats is it

  6. Ad Camacho says:

    Good video, nice paint lines.

  7. PatricK WithaKay says:

    Dude, please inform the viewing public as to why you are tapping the loaded
    brush onto the side of your paint holder. This is so important as this
    determines how much paint is actually is on the brush, and its soooooo
    important. As you are well aware, an overloaded brush is an animal..
    Great video and thanks for posting.
    Most sincerely
    JF ( UK )

  8. Ralph Marshall says:

    Second half of the video… White trim… Why is the white so sharply cut
    in… Does it matter that you don’t just overpaint by a half inch or so
    onto the wall?

  9. seadooman o says:

    brush must be in line of line that you are painting not sideways not emit
    paint on brush sideways, incorrect strategy

  10. Moon Pie says:

    Well it’s quite clear you know how to paint and paint very well.
    A great video on cutting in by hand.
    Very good camera work too.

  11. Steve French says:

    great video

  12. jay lee says:

    Like your vids but can i give you a tip?Get a wierless mic its hard to heR

  13. basch basch says:


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