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20 Responses to Interior Design | White Home Decor | Decorating & Painting Tips

  1. zoala001 says:

    the second decoration looks goof all day everyday.

  2. young victoria fashion says:

    I just loooove your free limitless imagination.. its really a gift.

  3. Tee Cee says:

    Amazing, you make things look soooo easy in your videos which is a talent, love your work! I look forward to what you wear & how you accessorize your jewelry. LoL I’m always learning something from you! Thank you.

  4. Frank Gutowski says:

    If white were ideal we wouldn’t need any other other paint colors.

  5. E. Caldwell says:

    I Love it!

  6. Anne O'Kelly says:

    White white can look greyish. Better have off white?

  7. Artismypassion easel says:

    Nice video

  8. TESSA SWEET says:

    Hi Rebecca!
    I L-o-v-e the** Gold wall decoration **!!!! Where can I buy one like it ?
    PS: You have Fabulous style!!

  9. Lovelly Poetryy says:

    This woman is AWESOME. I love her style, the way she talks, music choices. Does she have a show yet?

  10. shawn pimpin says:


  11. naishla cavazos says:

    She did that!

  12. Louis Paiz says:

    would this be good for a colonial home in new England.?

  13. Tammie Johnson says:

    I loved it, in the Christmas design, did you redo the white couch with slip covers: if so who makes them?

  14. DOllziie says:


  15. sspoodlegirl says:

    Yu are fantastic!!!!!

  16. cute_ TheKiller says:

    Me: i need to do something here
    Me: meh I’m to lazy to do that

  17. his little mrs says:

    Hi Rebecca, this may be a dumb question but, do you use slip covers for your couch? im always afraid of white furniture, country living with adult kids and pets. But the velvet couch for Christmas was lovely, and I wondered if it was slipcovered, or is it a new sofa. thank you.

  18. gilda garcia says:

    Thank you so much ! You inspire ! All your ideas are just so fab ! J’adore ..Gilda from Mexico

  19. mstashstar says:

    that glam look ..gorgggge

  20. Richard Mc Sweeney says:

    Very nice video, Rebecca.
    You might like also to check out some of these unique wall art ideas:

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