Instructional. 5 Tips To Make a Better Acrylic Abstract Painting by Jan van Oort

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26 Responses to Instructional. 5 Tips To Make a Better Acrylic Abstract Painting by Jan van Oort

  1. Jan van Oort says:

    thanks rtutone, have fun!

  2. Bhaskar Langalia says:

    thank you very much for all valuable guide thanks again .

  3. Alain Castel says:

    Thank you so much Yan for all your help.I love your tutorials your great.. Thanks again

  4. Jan van Oort says:

    Thanks Alain, thanks for your comment to… keeps me going

  5. Jan van Oort says:

    Hi Bhaskar my pleasure, thanks.


    Sir Jan Van,
    good day! ^_^
    thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!
    thank you for all the learning i gained from you.
    most of all, thank you so much for inspiring me!
    i wish you all the best!

  7. Jan van Oort says:

    Sir Ryan, thanks for your post. Those things really keeps me going. Wish you much paintingpleasure.

  8. Jan van Oort says:

    Haha “sir” I see your nice video;s and see that you are very young! Keep on going!


    thank you Jan for the inspiration. ^_^

  10. Jan van Oort says:


  11. Sello Mathakhoe says:

    Your tips on making Good Abstract Painting are so amazing and I just like your ideas, great!

  12. Cat McNichol says:

    Thank you for the video — very instructional and helpful.  Does anyone know where I can get one of those large scraping knives?

  13. Karen Hornby says:

    your tips are very helpful, I can easily put them to practice right away…thank you

  14. wafa love says:

    Thank you so much for this video! You ate truly inspiring, I love your work!

  15. Resi Om says:

    Thank you for all your videos.  I am learning a lot and love your paintings

  16. shahilagh says:

    thanks for useful suggestions.

  17. Todd Pickett says:

    How do you keep your paint from cracking? I attempted some of your techniques of thick layering using acrylic paint and found that the paint cracked everywhere on the canvas after drying. How do you keep that from happening?

  18. tonygatos1 says:

    I really enjoy your painting videos. You make it feel very inspiring and it motivates me to continue enjoying the process of painting in the abstract. 

  19. jacqueline baez says:

    muchas gracias, el idioma de mas artes visuales es universal.

  20. Kris Hariharan says:

    Thanks for the tips !!! 

  21. Barbannh says:

    Thankyou for sharing these tips. Found them very helpful to guide me. I’m new to abstract.

  22. car60girl says:

    I am just beginning with abstract art. You have explained it extremely well and I thank you so much !!!  I will continue to enjoy your instructions.

  23. J Jay says:

    how is this helpful. ur just talkign cant understand u

  24. chesseuschrist says:

    Its crazy that I have been a working artist/ painter for about 4-5 years now and I have never explored all these painting videos.. of course ive done the Bob Ross tip cause Bobs the Boss, …. not that i necessarily agree with all this stuff said or done but..its cool to see how many views these kind of videos have and how many people enjoy! normally when I see things online about art especially something like Abstract art or non representational stuff, people/ commenters are very dismissive and or negative. “A bunch of hooey” they will say. but some videos with over 80,000 views blows my mind its crazy. Makes me want to post a video of me working but I most likely guarantee my ideas, dialog, irritations and methods would be massively frustrating to say the least and viewers would possibly find me and destroy my works… which maybe would help my art out at the moment as I am currently in my studio freaking out at my blank canvas’s. I have 3.. 7’x5′ paintings i need finished in a month and they are blank lol. Its like that song ‘Under Pressure’ -hail Freddy!!
    One Love Internet people

  25. patricia says:

    thank you

  26. Bhaskar Langalia says:

    Awesome your humble tips thanks Bhaskar langalia

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