Instantly Improve Jigsaw Cuts with Painters Tape – How To

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39 Responses to Instantly Improve Jigsaw Cuts with Painters Tape – How To

  1. Eric Hudgens says:

    I love Danielle’s safety shoes. #barefoot

  2. Rich Random says:

    Nice! I just tried this a few weeks ago, BUT, didn’t trim off one
    side..”Fail”…tape caught up in the blade..the whole deal almost ended up
    in the trash! Thanks Izzy!

  3. Neathway says:

    Cool tip. Must remember it. I know, for me, trying to follow a pencil line,
    in front of a moving blade, with sawdust on it, is a pain in the dangly

  4. Rob Hernandez says:

    Can someone tell me how to prevent thin plywood from splintering when
    drilling holes with a drill bit, forstener bit or a spade bit. I want to
    drill a hole on the back of a bookcase so I can pass tru some cables. Thank
    you for any tips you can provide

  5. Rob Hernandez says:

    Great tip!Thank you!

  6. Hans de Groot says:

    Great tip. Congratulations with your 300K subscribers. And not in the
    least. Thanks to your wife being part of your shop experiences.

  7. Simon Hopkins says:

    congratulations on 300K

  8. Kostas Annikas Deftereos says:

    nice trick thanks for sharing !!!

  9. Ashley Ward (Ash) says:

    smokin wife beautiful bub lucky man. all the best. oh nice cutting with the

  10. MakeFix says:

    well done Chief ! off to 3M

  11. Stamatis T says:

    Great tip. Kind of mind game :-)

  12. Chris Peters says:

    from lugoff SC enjoyed your live stream I didn’t hear the crickets because
    they are loud here lol

  13. Ralph Amezcua says:

    cool! thanks!

  14. Hapthor Frost says:

    Yo wife hot bro!

  15. Woodworking Barcelona says:

    Nice trick Izzy!

  16. Marc Eaton says:

    My wife is afraid of dust, but loves cats.

  17. Julio Santos says:

    Love your channel. Your are the best. My dream was to work with wood, but
    never had money to pay for a course.
    Do you know where can I find a carpentry courses online free with

  18. Cole Constantinoff says:

    Haha, I love how you wouldn’t dare say 20 years with her in the room but
    you put it on the screen. Bet you caught flack for that if she watched
    it… Great video, neat tip!

  19. ghostshadow says:

    Congrats on hitting 300k!

  20. Walter Rider says:

    thank you

  21. Elias Douah says:

    Congratulations!! You made 300 000!!! Probably while you were sleeping and
    I were having breakfast :)

  22. Lenny F says:

    It would have been interesting to see if she did it two cuts opposite.
    (masking tape cut first).

  23. MrLiveEra says:

    You ever tried cutting with the jigsaw upside down?
    I find it easier to see everything, I also feel I have more control

  24. O i says:

    My eyes say “THANK YOU!!!” I have 25 years using jigsaws and I was known
    for my accurate cuts. Now I´m losing my eyesight, so this tip is very

  25. johnsobj says:

    just to note: from a scientific standpoint: without the tape, she hadn’t
    used a jigsaw for 20 years. With the tape, she just did that exact cut.
    Going in this order would bias the results.That doesn’t say it’s a bad tip,
    just the this demonstration was bias.Thanks and keep up with the great

  26. Matthew S says:

    Oh man, you made the math a little too simple at 1:33 …hopefully she is
    cool about her age haha.

  27. Derek Martin says:

    what she should have done, was make sure she cut through the tape, that way
    you wouldn’t be able to check her accuracy. lol

  28. PaoloBrada DIY english español says:

    Nice trick!

  29. Greg Altenhofel says:

    Must have more of her in your videos. Good job.

  30. Xander Zoolander says:

    The problem I have with jigsaws is the blade drift. Might be because mine’s
    a cheap pos, but my blade always wants to cut it’s own line instead of
    following the one I want to cut, even with straight lines.

  31. Biggest 23 says:

    You’re what I imagine Tony and Carmella Soprano would look like if Tony’s
    dad had been a carpenter instead of an urban bandit.

  32. Karla B says:

    Love seeing your wife and sweet baby. 🙂 I use a jigsaw now and then, with
    not always the greatest success, so for me this is a great tip! Thank you.
    I enjoy watching your videos even though most of them are way beyond me.

  33. Willie Wilkens says:

    Real men don’t let women in their shop unless they’re there to sweep.

  34. Billy Cash says:

    Greeting from Jakarta. Nice family, bro.

  35. Eazeguy2012 says:

    You have a wanderful family, god bless you all

  36. Wildman Tech says:

    Great tip man. I’ve been using a jigsaw for 40 years and I’m going to start
    using this!

  37. yorickman says:

    I’m just starting out. I’m going to try that.

  38. John Lovelace says:

    Call me late to the game, but congrats on passing the 300k subscriber

  39. Scott Jones says:

    Like me, you married 10+ levels above, amigo! #GoodOnYouAmigo

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