INCREDIBLE PAINTERS DROP CLOTH. Must See home improvement Painters Tool.

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12 Responses to INCREDIBLE PAINTERS DROP CLOTH. Must See home improvement Painters Tool.

  1. lilone says:

    HahahahhahahahahahH! Funniest video so far! I was like foil? Hahah

  2. Juvis Wilshon says:

    ive been a painter for years and i would die laughing if I walked in on my crew laying tin foil everywhere hahahaha

  3. david klein says:

    Love it Chris, I’m a painter as well and we use these all the time! we also like using a can of hair spray or wd40 and a lighter to make a kind of flamethrower to dry the paint faster, you ever do that?

  4. Luke Morter says:

    I used to run the spray booth at a shop the that built large machinery. and I actually used tinfoil to mask off fittings and hydraulic lines and air lines. things you can’t easily get tape and paper. i bet it could be useful painting exteriors where all the utilities come into the house. it will form to almost any Strange shapes

  5. Luke Morter says:

    funny video

  6. Robert Partridge says:

    Damn…I hate when the April Fools get me with these OBVIOUS pranks!

  7. Spencer Colgan says:

    AG: where’ve you been man? That was April. You been in a time capsule?

  8. A G says:

    Chris, can you get this stuff at a discount if you buy it with the 5-gallon bucket of Paint Dryer at Costco?

  9. Hank Hill says:

    Oh my God I was about to say..

  10. Hank Hill says:

    The foil paper masking.. You got me

  11. Hank Hill says:

    Have you ever tried painting cars?

  12. alwaysrockn2009 says:

    I just woke up and the first thing I did was watch your video but was surprised to see fool being used as a
    Drop cloth. Thought I wasn’t quite awake at first. As long as it works. Are you still using it? I would think the 3m maker with film would be much easier and efficient.

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