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Emmaleigh died October 5th of a skull fracture. A prosecuting attorney said that she was told Taylor was relocated for his safety. Taylor would change his story multiple times and deputies noticed Taylor trying to rub something off of himself. Taylor told deputies he took the baby to the basement of an apartment but "blacked out" and didn't know how the injuries occurred. The trial is expected to begin in December. They argued that the state elaborates too much on the phone records i. Benjamin Taylor, of Cottageville, is charged with murder, sexual assault and child abuse in connection with the death of month-old Emmaleigh Barringer. The judge gave the state two weeks to look into the jail location issue.

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Boggs also said charges against Benjamin Taylor will be upgraded soon. Deputies then spoke with Taylor, who initially said he didn't know how the injuries happened. No cameras or recording devices were allowed in the courtroom, but WSAZ was the only station with a reporter inside to get the details. At the hearing, the trial was continued until Feb. He also said while the investigation isn't over yet, it appears that Emmaleigh's siblings were not harmed. A prosecuting attorney said that she was told Taylor was relocated for his safety. After being read his Miranda rights, Taylor said he took the infant to the basement of the house to do laundry earlier that evening. No family members wanted to make a comment at this time. After going to the hospital, deputies got a search warrant for Taylor's clothing and a DNA sample. There were also at least eight deputies outside the courthouse. Emmaleigh Barringer was in the hospital being treated for injuries she received after being sexually abused Monday night. When they arrived they found the baby's mother holding the infant with a "significant" amount of blood on and around the child. Left for dead after being physically and sexually assaulted. Emmaleigh was declared brain dead earlier Wednesday, according to family members. The deputy testified Taylor didn't appear to be overly intoxicated when he got to the scene. According to the criminal complaint, Taylor did nothing to save the infant's life from the injuries she sustained during the assault. The prosecutor said she was told those results will be in by the week of Sept. During the hearing, the magistrate found probable cause against Taylor and sent the case to the grand jury. Taylor was brought into the courtroom with a bulletproof vest with several deputies also on hand for extra security. The incident happened October 3rd after the girl's mother testified she found her daughter, Emmaleigh Barringer, in the basement unresponsive and covered in blood. Taylor was indicted October 25 on two counts of 1st degree murder, one count of death of a child by child abuse, one count of 1st degree sexual assault and one count of sexual abuse by a guardian. The pew behind the defendant's table, where the public would normally sit, was taped off with yellow sheriff's tape. She said she didn't know any more details beyond that, and that it was her understanding that there was no ill intent behind the relocation. Those results include DNA evidence, blood work and toxicology reports. The medical examiner who performed the autopsy says a skull fracture was the cause of death.

Hung sex charleston wv

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    While deputies were getting the sample they noticed blood on Taylor's body they believe is from the infant. According to the criminal complaint, Taylor did nothing to save the infant's life from the injuries she sustained during the assault.


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