How to use tracing and transfer paper – acrylic painting tips w/ Lachri

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14 Responses to How to use tracing and transfer paper – acrylic painting tips w/ Lachri

  1. Robyn Newberry says:

    +Lachri fine art, does this same method work for oil paint?

  2. Kuroi Aoi says:

    I am the 100.000 suscriber


  3. sintetsu2 says:

    congrats on 100k

  4. faizazm says:

    Congrats on 100k!! Before you know it you’ll be at 1 million!

  5. Michael Carlitos says:

    Congrats on 100 000 Lisa

  6. Sadie Saves the Day says:

    I never thought of using a nail dotting tool as a stylus! Good tip

  7. Jon Allen says:

    100k!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. ttttttttp2 says:

    When do you replace your transfer paper?

  9. EmilyArts says:

    Congratulations on a 100k lisa! 🙂

  10. Gustavo Medina Pastrana says:

    Hey Lisa! One question, which paper do you use for litographies? Thanks for sharing your amazing artwork with us!

  11. Barbara Robinson says:

    Will the Loew Cornell transfer paper work well with colored pencil? I have using graphite tranfer paper and don’t like it.

  12. Barbara Robinson says:

    Thanks Lisa!

  13. Julie M says:

    I lose my place on the original a lot so I began using a colored pencil so I know what I haven’t gone over. I blunt the pencil by running the point on a piece of cotton t shirt wrapped around a sponge otherwise it tears the tracing paper. I am good at heavy handedness.

  14. Annie Tsering Art says:

    omg i was really waiting for this video! i am from europe and when i put transfer paper into amazon i always got the stuff for tshirts. until now i always used that trick where you fraw your outlines, cover the back of the paper with charcoal and then transfer it to the painting. but the coal made everything a little messy and hard to fix

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