How To Spray: Helpful Tips Before Using Your Paint Sprayer

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17 Responses to How To Spray: Helpful Tips Before Using Your Paint Sprayer

  1. Brent Hill says:

    wtf..this video is how not to spray. must be the camera guys assistant spraying. spray from one end to the other without stopping so you don’t have holidays all over the wall or that garage door.

  2. jay gonz says:

    Thank you

  3. Kanari Mentos says:

    i buy this machine but i dont like.t to much strong and drippingĀ  other machine i have is very good

  4. Baharul Shaiad says:


  5. Slots My Thing says:

    Lol I spray commercial vehicles for a living and always seeing what techniques are out there but you can’t use this because all the overspray will build up on the edges if you don’t flick your wrist outwards to avoid overspray build up

  6. Julia Barton says:

    The spray can using the knockdown method

  7. Alex Ruiz says:

    the guy paint wrong he moves his hand not arm

  8. litli dolotitli says:

    I have spent months studying spray painting and found a great resource at Magic Painter Method (google it if you are interested)

  9. Ricardo Douglas says:

    what thi is modelo ? xr7 ?

  10. Ricardo Douglas says:


  11. Sergei Cernauskas says:

    is it enough 24L air compressor 2.5hp 9.5 cfm to paint a house?

  12. cjsprayinc says:

    Several people have asked about the model in this video, they do not show enough of the sprayer to identify. It is likely an X7 as people mentioned, but this video is meant as a general video to apply to Graco’s line of Magnum sprayers.

  13. Priya Sachdev says:


  14. girlsdrinkfeck says:

    i dont know what inches are

  15. billy hole says:

    There are so many errors made in this video it’s not even funny.

  16. David Smith says:

    This was extremely helpful. Thanks.

  17. Joe Spahn says:

    some info for beginners helpful. cut in corners but go up an down not side to side unless u like stripes. I use graco 1095 highboy. run two guns. but rarely… I use 1221 tip or 1223 tip for Interior walls 2 ft fan hide lines. 310 or 312 green finish tips for all trim work. doors 515. exterior manly 517 side to side. but up an down for vertical running siding with a Texas two coat “back roll” I can spray a house out in one day if one person’s in front of me masking windows or doors. only 2 people on job site. 2 easy days. 2 1/2 days for brand new Interiors….taking off doors an hardware, masking floors,cabinets, puddy nail holes, caulk all new trim n door casings, shoot trim and doors..reverse masking to protect trim work shoot body an then drape walls to blow out the ceiling…. easy right?

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