How To Remove Baseboards. TIPS REMOVING SKIRTING.

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10 Responses to How To Remove Baseboards. TIPS REMOVING SKIRTING.

  1. gadgetmantwincities says:

    Look up the zenith trim puller!
    Very good tool.

  2. Steve McCluskey says:

    dude..bro… enough with the dings. I’m about to unsubscribe.

  3. TheCanadianBubba says:

    been having trouble removing base trims in my house as my reno goes from
    room to room, they are very old wood, the grain is often on an angle and
    have broken many along the grain… i even take extra care and use a wide
    putty knife to start it working free more evenly to no avail…

  4. AdamAnt85 says:

    Great idea with the screws, that method would have come in handy when I was
    removing corner wall trims a few weeks back and damaged the dry wall.

  5. Charles Youngblood says:

    I would drive the nails through the base boards with a nail set and then
    remove the board. Great job though.

  6. T Vład says:


    An oscillating tool is a very handy tool for trim removal. Goes thru the
    caulkline like butter, can even shear off the finish nails in a problem

  7. Brian Warner says:

    i wish i would have watched this video first…

  8. zerocool90210 says:

    Unrelated, I watched one of your snowboard videos when you mentioned
    sharpening your waxing scraper with the file. Do you think you could show
    us how to do that? Thanks!

  9. John Bauer says:

    I use WD 40 to remove caulking, spray it and peel off with no trouble…..

  10. efman2k3 says:

    Great video and Great tips. Thanks for posting!

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