How To Painting A House. Tips Painting The Outside Of A House. DIY house painting tips.

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  1. cwrowe says:

    I love doing exteriors as far as just being outside on the job. But the
    real painters are inside so people will say. Can’t wait for the
    summer….Hopefully I will get more exteriors this yr…Good video
    Chris…happy Easter to you.

  2. n2o4me says:

    Hi Chris , I want to do an exterior paint of my 2 story aluminum siding
    house . aside from power washing , is it necessary to sand as well ? Jobs
    like this look intimidating . 

  3. Wiggin'Out says:

    What color was the house to begin with, the blueish green or the white?
    Did you prime then paint? What do you do to prep? Our house is
    hardi-plank, if that makes a difference vs. wood or vinyl, so how long
    after washing a house should we wait to paint? Thank you!

  4. Mark James says:

    great job

  5. alex silva says:

    Hi what number spray tip did you use


  6. Jesus Rivera says:

    Nice video. Did you use primer for the siding or just recelliant paint? For
    aluminum siding what paint would you use? 

  7. Brian Hawkins says:

    Any tips for how you mask a roofline? I’ve watched a lot of your videos,
    but haven’t seen a close-up of that. It looks like just 9″ paper, but I
    can’t imagine that tape sticks to shingles very well. Thanks! Professional
    builder in Jackson, TN

  8. pbaylis1 says:

    I’m learning a lot from your videos: 1) Use peelbond to save any manual
    scraping 2) Spray one coat on everything.

  9. GMA says:

    Hey Chris, Love the vids, very informative! Quick question, i sprayed a
    house recently with Pro industrial multi surface acrylic extra white in
    egshell finish. I sprayed two coats. Any idea as to why i kept getting
    flashing? I used a titan 400 with a 415 tip. I sprayed in the shade and no
    matter how fast i worked i got flashing. Only thing i can think of is the
    paint has a super fast drytime. Also i did not thin the paint at all. Any

  10. Jack Applegate says:

    how would you paint a door inside and out that has to be shut tight and
    locked before you leave? I’m worried about marring edge of door. Thanks
    for doing these videos, great job!

  11. mike siffer says:

    What about exterior solid color stain on cedar siding. I cannot find
    exterior prep videos 

  12. Indrekk Pringi says:

    You never heard of 20 Mn sheetrock compound?
    You’re giving people misinformation.
    They have sheetrock setting compound in 20 or 24 Lb bags for less than 18
    If you’re not a professional painter or plasterer one bag will last you all
    your life provided you keep it in a dry place. It dries faster than any
    pre-mixed spackle and is much cheaper. You can speed up the drying time
    with a hair dryer so it dries in less than a minute. Just put the dryer on
    full hot and full blast and hold it as close to the patch as you can. You
    will be able to visibly see the patch drying by how the color of the patch
    changes from wet to dry in less than 30 seconds. If the patch is deeper
    than 1’2 an inch it will take longer but it is much better than any
    pre-made spackle plus powdered sheetrock patrh mix does NOT shrink. Why
    are you spreading lies about sheetrock patching compound? Is Crawford’s
    paying you to spread this misinformation?

  13. Larry P says:

    Thanks for doing these. Questions: do I have to power wash the house
    (Tacoma). Behr website is unclear about sheen another one says satin enamel
    for the house body, so, is semi-gloss (more protection) to shinny for
    exterior???? Thanks agains.

  14. Thomas Cranor says:

    encouraging people to not buy local. hmm…

  15. Josh Wickers says:

    what color is your office?

  16. Eco Paint, Inc. says:

    Great videos over in Idaho!

  17. Gary Braden says:

    If one cannot afford to paint an entire house at one time, it is something
    to consider to paint one side of your house per year?

    Thank you!

  18. Rick morgan says:

    What are the pouches used for that I see your guys wearing?

  19. primarycorp says:

    That sprayer can push four 517 tips. build an iron pipe manifold and hook
    up 4×100′ hoses and 4 guns. You’ll be shocked at how fast it goes when
    everyone has a gun. Just trying to advance a fellow painter.

  20. Mat Madson says:

    lol did he say wwww?

  21. Frank Romano says:

    Chris I’m getting ready to paint the exterior of a house for someone with
    the Graco Magnum Pro LTS19 airless paint sprayer. I’m concerned about over
    spray flying through the air and possibly landing on the neighbors cars
    etc. I’m using latex paint. If I keep the pressure setting turned down low
    enough to minimize over spray will I still get a good paint finish on the
    siding? Any advice would be appreciated

  22. Jogo g says:

    What the fuck is so funny just paint the house already

  23. Ezra Pucci says:

    Chris, Over the years Ive seen your you tube channel in browsing for
    competitive products. Over the last 5 years Ive developed a number of
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    When these products arrive I would be interested in having you do a review
    for the product. What is your turn around time and protocol in dealing with
    people who send you items they want you to review? Also I will handle the
    editing of the footage on premiere pro for you for free. So I can help you
    as well. I truly understand from one expert to another time is short so i
    can edit if it helps. I’m 45 days from product delivery give or take a week
    or two! Unless the cargo ship flips over in a tsunami then well I’m
    screwed. Thanks for your time and thought on this matter. Ezra Pucci

  24. Yanette Bach says:

    Hi, that is a very cool video. I have a friend who had a painting company
    but one time he mentioned me that the leader fell and his guy fell and die
    immediately,his business was suspended and he is can’t work on painting
    again. My question is ,does your guys use any kind of protection in case
    they fall. How can you prevent those kind of accidents? Thanks.

  25. Suture555 says:

    You need a mic it’s so hard to hear you even at full volume on my phone.

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