How To Paint Walls Like a Pro REAL DIY TIPS & TRICKS

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21 Responses to How To Paint Walls Like a Pro REAL DIY TIPS & TRICKS

  1. Curiosity says:

    Good tips, Thanks…

  2. Carmen says:

    Thanks, it was nice and easy to understand. You did 2 coats, correct?

  3. que Patterson says:

    awesome video thank you i had no idea what I was doing

  4. Elizabeth T. says:

    Wow, what paint brand did you use? That has great coverage!

  5. Stephanie Sticka says:

    How much do you overlap your lines? An inch? And third stroke down immediately? If I wait will it cause lines? Also do you cut or roll first?

  6. Glynn U says:

    Nice job!

  7. Just Jackson says:

    the tip about placing your roller in a bag will be really helpful. thanks Brian

  8. TonyDracon says:

    ur holding the paint cup wrong

  9. Hugo Booo says:

    I love the way you breath all that dust I hope you live longer

  10. Althea Hunter says:

    Do you have to remove the baseboards? Can you do a video removing them, painting them, and replacing them?

  11. Sean Donnelly says:

    Nice video, but you could save yourself a lot of time with sanding by simply taking the back side of the putty knife and indenting the holes is the wall so when you apply the spackle and scrape it you would never even know. That’s what pro’s do!

  12. Brian Pshyk says:

    DIY Bri needs a Mic!

  13. TheNarrowPath says:

    if you used primer over your sanded spots first and then paint it covers better doesn’t it?

  14. MinnieMasterTV says:

    You didn’t wear your overalls

  15. Snickel Fritz says:

    DO NOT HAMMER YOUR DRYWALL!! Just scrap anything that isn’t flush with the wall. The putty will fill it in. Repairing hammer damage is a much more time consuming process.

  16. Anna V says:

    Wow! This was so helpful 🙂 Thank you

  17. Tim says:

    So helpful! Thank you! I made all the mistakes you called out! But now I know better, thanks to you

  18. Deron Erwin says:

    Thanks man.Great video.

  19. Grant Arkell says:


  20. WHO FARTED says:

    Don’t use a hammer use the head of a carriage bolt and tap it with a hammer or the handle of your 3″ drywall knife and use drywall mud in a tray way faster

  21. Elia Fadil says:

    Hey so are you saying doing 3 rollers at a time and then going back and smoothing them out?

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