How To Paint Exterior House Trim. Simple Home Painting Tips.

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17 Responses to How To Paint Exterior House Trim. Simple Home Painting Tips.

  1. Bryan Creeger says:

    Many of the homes I paint have old wood trim windows. I’m planning on masking the glass, spraying with primer, then brushing and rolling the top coat. Is there a secret to not painting/spraying the windows shut?

  2. Victor_Alvarez Alvarez says:

    what size tips you use or are the best to spray the body of the house?

  3. Michael Z says:

    What about the window trim edge where it meets the siding? Shouldn’t it be finished with the dark brown and not the siding color? That’s the way we do it and it looks much better. The quality is in the details.

  4. Amber Randall says:

    that bucket is to big awkward t hold how do u hold that on a big extension ladder just try a one gal bucket with whizz and screen stick ur brush n rung of ladder to hold it while ur whizzing that bucket will let paint rundown the sides a one gal bucket wont if u poke weep holes n the top why don’t u do that just wondering how u would hold that bucket or carry it up a 40 ft ladder

  5. jasons growing tree says:

    Bless you bro… Awesome Proverb. I knew you had a good spirit

  6. ant sz says:

    I’m a atheist, but like your videos!

  7. Rob Horton says:

    How do you deal with painting the sides of the window trim where it meets with the lap siding? Thanks.

  8. alwaysrockn2009 says:

    Another great video. You have passion that shines through on all your videos.
    Please Keep the videos rolling. They have great tips and provide a great resource. Rock on.

  9. Robert Dailey says:

    I’ll be painting a house soon. The siding will be one color and the soffit and trim will be white. Should I spray the soffit or the siding first?

  10. MS says:

    Love the scripture!! Thanks for the tips!

  11. Mike Nobles says:

    When painting the fascia and drip edge I see your guy roll the fascia.. does he brush the drip edge??? My customer wanted it sprayed which is hard to not get it on the roof

  12. Scott McCrary says:

    so on trim you only paint the face an do the sides in paint color for body of house?

  13. Racked Vintage says:

    Thanks for recommending your favorite tools and brushes to use. God bless you and God bless your business!

  14. Jerry Everett says:

    Thanks Brother for all your videos

  15. Jordan Miller says:

    When do you spray the trim vs. doing it by hand? I’ve always been a fan of doing it by hand but I’ve known plenty of people who like to spray trim

  16. Southernburrito says:

    Looks good! Hey I’m going to be refreshing some white trim on a peppermint green house. You don’t worry about runs without tape & paper? At least just on the bottom side?
    Hey I really appreciated you responding last summer btw!

  17. James Williams says:

    Thanks, this will help me trim paint a friends house here in Omaha, Nebraska

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