HOW TO paint ceilings FAST and like a professional PAINTER

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  1. Steve Gubala says:

    Nice job Chris, John, and to the rest of the crew.

  2. Victor Avila says:

    Does the Eminence touch up well?

  3. Daniel Marquardt says:

    See the problem with those 9″ covers you have is they make a complete mess of the wall, I can see alot of runs on the wall.. I guess it makes sense if you brush the runs out before they dry

  4. JustinTime says:

    whats the name of that roller.?

  5. Thom Gulyas says:

    I wish you were over here in Maryland!!! I could use your services!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. John Torrez says:

    Why not use a 3/4 in nap for the ceilings, its flat anyway so the stipple doesn’t show, and it burns down to a 1/2 in nap by the time u hit the second coat. U dont kill yourselves as much that way bc you’re not dipping as much.

  7. Jeffrey White says:

    Hi any tips for painting popcorn ceilings without delaminating the popcorn?

  8. geenieweenie1 says:

    I can’t find that 9″ roller sleeve on your website Chris.

  9. dave jenkins says:

    Fuk me corey Taylor is a painter.

  10. The Dude says:

    I must disagree with using flat paint on ceilings. Takes more paint to coat the ceiling. Flat has a tendency to crack. It does not hide imperfections well. I prefer eggshell. Looks much better. Flat is cheap. Don’t go with flat because it seems cheaper. You will be paying more in the long run.

  11. r b says:

    I would love to get some of those ceiling edge rollers

  12. r b says:

    I don’t see those rollers for edgers for sale in your store

  13. JMT 29 says:

    A good way to know your fellow painters are working ” just listen for that noisy roller frame”

  14. martin beltran says:

    how do u get rid of over lop marks on ceilngs

  15. Enzo Pastore says:

    Heeeyyyyyy dude,l wish l had an 18 inches.

  16. Chris Huddleston says:

    In a new construction house, is it ok to spray a flat white primer on ceilings and walls, then leave that as the only flat white paint on the ceilings? using a benjamin moore super hide

  17. PrettyOnTheNside says:

    I may have missed it but I did try looking. Do you have a video on painting a house with Aluminum siding. Specifically, I am looking for a recommendation on primer and paint. Thank you!!!

  18. Scott Wilson says:

    I always like to cross roll my ceilings, the way you don’t want it finished lines then cross/back roll in the proper direction

  19. Manmaas says:

    I’m curious about the cutting in on the wall, given that will dry before you paint them. Will this not show up under a new paint finish?

  20. Julie Haines says:

    When I do my ceilings you can look at them from any direction. There’s no lines or overlaps. There’s also no paint running onto the walls. I think I’ll do it my way. It may take longer but it’s a good pro job.

  21. Scott Rees says:

    Great idea on directional rolling depending on light source and room entry! Never thought about it!

  22. Evelyn Castañeda says:

    Deberías de hacer un video en español, acerca de cómo pintar y que accesorios usar, que clase de pintura.

  23. southsideshenanigans says:

    Chris, are you guys still using eminence for ceilings ? If you are, I would encourage you to try SW’s CHB flat on one of your jobs. This stuff awesome. HVAC guys put their dirty hands all over my brand new ceilings. I rolled over the spot and no lap marks or flashing even with the light hitting the room. It touches up and blends in better than any paint iv ever used. I had to kilz a water stain on ceiling at a different job. I thought for sure I had to re paint the whole ceiling over again. But CHB flat blended in perfectly again and saved me so much time. It’s cheaper than eminence also. Thanks for the videos

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