How to Paint a Room – Basic Painting Tips

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12 Responses to How to Paint a Room – Basic Painting Tips

  1. ISABEL TELLEZ says:
  2. sgreen4 says:

    I like these tips. I never can get those rollers clean though. I talked to
    a painter once and he told me he always throws his paint rollers after a
    job because it’s too much work to clean them.

  3. Amor Mesbahi says:

    Great ! Thanks.

  4. CoolCreeperz says:

    You don’t need gloves

  5. Xavier Tate says:

    i like lowes and building

  6. Hunsicker Premier Home Services says:

    Save yourself some trouble and paint the ceiling and trims first.

  7. Andrew Bailey says:

    load of crap

  8. lallimaven says:


  9. Grace Tsang says:

    Lowprice panint store

  10. MrNorthstar50 says:

    Loews 5 gallon buckets are no good you cant get a 9 inch roller in one,
    there two narrow at the bottom Home Depot buckets are much better .

  11. Emad abdo says:

    فتاة انيقة

  12. Vicente Morales says:

    Is it weird that I use the tool to clean the paint roller for tile

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