How To Paint A House. Powerwashing, Prepping, & Painting a House. DIY tools & tips for painters.

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  1. Justin Di Valentino says:

    I noticed you guys are pretty close to the neighbors…I assume you’re
    using an airless system, do you take steps to prevent overspray from
    drifting over the fence? 

  2. Clean Pro Exteriors says:

    Hey Kris. When you price a job like this, say, at $1.50 per square foot (I
    saw in your video on pricing you saying this is a typical price for your
    exterior during the peak of the season), does that include pressure washing
    the house; or is that separate? If so, how much would you charge for the
    pressure washing?

  3. Clean Pro Exteriors says:

    Already gotchu bro, ur liked, subscribed to, shared and 5 stared. God
    bless. Jesus loves you Chris. And thank you for the help.

  4. daniel challenger says:

    can you show us what a quote of yours looks like? like how you set it up
    and describe the scope of works is something im really interested in!

  5. Susan Keller says:

    Hello Idaho Painters! I have a request… How do I paint a CLEAN outside
    corner when two different wall colors meet? I seem to have the paint bleed
    look from roller on the corner. Any tips would be much appreciated!
    Thanks Susie

  6. Suzanne Martinez says:

    Do you happen to know the name of the color of paint that was used on the
    Thanks for your videos! 

  7. Martijn Blijham says:

    Hello Sir,
    I got a question,
    What’s better, to paint with a primer and paint in one or paint primer
    first and then finish with the final colour?

  8. Sefket Kojasevic says:

    very good on doors did you use samigloos

  9. Sefket Kojasevic says:

    sprayer titan 440 did you have any problem with intake on button its look
    cheep plastic vs graco 395

  10. JJ Jackson says:

    Please buy a windscreen for your microphone. The mic noise was louder than
    the host at times.

  11. diver dave says:

    the house looks great… you should have power washed the entire wood fence

  12. cwrowe says:

    The house looks great now they just need to do something with that crapy

  13. dellfozzio pintura says:

    no no no……all wrong . why? just why?

  14. dellfozzio pintura says:

    how’s the grass after spraying the lawn? How’s those lap marks doin ? Yup
    everything is sprayed all right lol. What’s sad is that the apprentices are
    learning the incorrect way also and they too will go on too believe they
    are real painters also. Thanx…Thanx alot….on behalf of us life

  15. Jason Mathew says:

    Hey Chris for your Exterior Paint jobs do you always use a primer or is
    that a case by case basis? Thanks!

  16. Mark Bieniasz says:

    that house took a week with all that prep in actually maybe 4 days

  17. TRINZINI says:

    GREAT HAND HELD CAMERA WORK !!!! Is that a steadycam or something ? Very
    smooth and steady ! (like watching the opening sequence of the original
    HALLOWEEN movie :)

  18. Sherri Whitlock says:

    cant hear a thing

  19. SuperWoodyboy says:

    BEAUTIFUL job!

  20. Juan Mejia says:

    What a heck of job! if I do say so myself

  21. Gerhard Schulze says:

    hey Idaho Painter in my travels in the last nearly 50 yrs pf painting I met
    a female pAinter who said to me after 8 yrs in the trade she had never
    thinned any of her latex or acrylic paints only her oil based enamels with
    mineral spirits I told her she was stupid and her boss was severly demented

  22. Gerhard Schulze says:

    Was spraying weatherboArd houses in the Gulf of Carpentaria with an old
    diaphram airless in 1985 film coating had to be 140 microns even

  23. tguy5150 says:

    do you usually prime with super paint? or was it just because of the

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